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So Moos had her vet appointment yesterday.  The diagnosis: we're still not sure.  But this we do know: it's nothing serious at this point, which is a HUGE relief, and I am beyond thankful!  There are some things we're pursuing and looking into, but for now, she's enjoying  a new, more flavorful diet that will help with intestinal inflammation.  The one scary, and maddening thing, was that something happened to her while they were positioning her for the x-rays and she could barely get up last night and this morning.  We had to help her up and at one point, Matt even carried her to our bedroom.  With big dogs in particular, you do not mess with their hips, and Molly has some issues with her hips as it is.  So when my baby couldn't get up, I was freakin' out, and so very upset that 1) they hadn't noticed and 2) that they weren't more gentle with her because they very well know about her hips!  So we're still dealing with that issue because the vet wasn't in the office today for me to speak to her about it.  But they did call in some pain meds and she's doing a little better.  It looks like they were not very gentle with my baby girl, albeit she was moving a lot while they were trying to position her, and she's super sore.  I'm one hot mama though, trying to cool down.

And Mr. Brennan, well he's measuring 12 lbs. 10 oz. and is 24 inches long!  He jumped from the 50th percentile in both weight and height to the 75th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for height!  He is my Chunky Monkey!  It's amazing how much babies grow and develop in such a short time span.  It's like they're on fast forward or something.  He was a brave soul getting his shots today.  He came home and took a long nap with the March Madness basketball games playing in the background. 

My little guy will be 9 weeks old tomorrow and for some time, I've wanted to capture in writing some of his antics, personality, and developments before they slip from my mind and/or he moves onto the next stage.  At the rate we're going, I'm not sure which will come first!

  • For the last few days, you've been sleeping 7.5 hours straight, waking up for a feeding anywhere between 2:00-3:30 a.m. and then going back to sleep for another 4-5 hours.  This is making Mommy very happy!  You are so fun to come get in the mornings when you wake up.  Although you're mostly crying because you're hungry, as soon as you see me, you'll wind it down a notch and pretty soon, a gigantic smile will roll across your face.  Sometimes I lay awake in bed anticipating the time I get to grab you from your crib and smother you with kisses (that rather annoy you most of the time).  You've seemingly outgrown what were regular tummy issues that would creep up on you from 5-6 a.m.  It was always a mystery to me whether you were having tummy problems, hungry, or a combination of both.  Now that that enigma is solved, I'm an even happier Mommy.
  • You are such a ham when it comes to feeding time!  The desire for food, and I guess the fear of going hungry, is probably the only thing that brings out some impatience in you.  You stretch and stretch and stretch throughout the whole feeding, bringing about an impish look on your face.  And you despise burping.  Absolutely hate it.  We have to fill your tummy up with enough food before we burp you the first time or else we have a serious meltdown.  And even then we're not guaranteed it'll work.  You still have a weak latch and sometimes feedings can be messy as you drool all over, but you sure work hard at getting as much milk as you possibly can!
  • You love your play mat.  You are enamored with the musical star that lights up and the parrot that you've begun swinging at.  You've been able to grab it a couple of times, hanging on for dear life.  You're also content in your swing. 
  • Speaking of content, you are quite content anywhere.  Every single day I thank the Lord that He gave me you.  You are such a content little baby, happy to be trucked along anywhere at anytime.  Mommy has finally figured out that you cry only when you really need something.  You are the most easy-going, laid back little fella, just like your daddy, praise the Lord! 
  • You go down fairly easily for naps and bedtime.  You just want to be swaddled. 
  • For the past few weeks, we've been working on getting a bedtime routine down.  It varies from time-to-time.  Sometimes I'll give you a bath before Daddy comes home so he can read to you The Chronicles of Narnia.  Or sometimes he'll give you a bath when he gets home.  We're trying to work out the timing such that we can all three have dinner together with you in your swing; it's only worked out a few times, but we're getting there.  You stay pretty active from 3-7 p.m. so by the time we give you a bottle before bedtime, you are ready to hit the sack!  We swaddle you all up, say our bed time prayers, put on Twila Paris' lullaby CD and tuck you in bed.
  • Bath time is fun!  At least most of the time...unless you're super duper tired.
  • You have the deepest blue eyes that get really wide when you're taking in something new.  Yesterday when we were working in the yard together, the blue in the sky reflecting in your eyes made them the deepest blue I've ever seen in an eye.  Yes, Momma is being a little dramatic writing about your eyes.  <grin>
  • Your first feeding of the morning is around 7 a.m. and then I fix my breakfast. I prop you up on the floor with some pillows and you, me and Molly have our breakfast picnic every morning together.  Molly hovers to get some toast scraps.
  • You're downing 6-7 ounces each feeding, 5 times a day! That's where that chub is coming from, dear boy!
  • You love little Lambie, the lamb that Gaga gave to you.  You love how soft it is and hold it tight while you ride in your car seat and sit in your swing.

I admit, little boy, you have sure grown on me.  You have my heart.  A year ago I wasn't sure I ever wanted to be a momma.  Even when I found out I was pregnant with you, doubts raged.  But now, knowing you, I would never ever want to go through life without you, my little Brennan.  You sure are my buddy and an absolute delight to be with.  It is an honor to be your mommy, and thank you for the amazing amount of grace and patience you have with me as I learn this role.  Although I know you're tempted to, don't grow too fast on me.  As each day whizzes by, even ones like today with a MAJOR diaper explosion ALL over my legs, I will forever love you and cherish each and every day I have with you.  I love you, Brennan.

Doctor's office  

Us at the doctor's office today...before your shots <grin>


He is SO beautiful he looks like a baby doll!

So sweet! I love his little blond hair!

Great picture! Glad to hear he's a growing boy :)

oh me oh my! i just can't believe how much he is changing. I don't recognize him at all, but he gets cuter and cuter and cuter!

Ahh he is getting so cute and looking more like a little boy. Wow, those eyes just stand out with his pretty blond hair.Glad his visit went well & he's getting so big--maybe he'll be tall like his Daddy! I think I see a little chubby arm there.

That was awesome! I've been wanting to do a post just like that. In fact, I've written it in my head seceral times. Posting it is a whole different story, though!

Awh what a sweet post! I love that picture of you two! Glad nothing serious was found with Molly...that's upsetting about her hips, I hope she feels better soon!

This comment is for Brennan, since he can now read (amazing I know!). Great job on the diaper explosion! Can't wait to hear more stories like that. Your uncle is very proud!!

I'm glad it's nothing serious with Molly! That is unfortunate that the vet visit made it worse. They get injuries in strange ways. Cesar injured himself jumping on our bed! Hope to see you soon.

Meg, he is precious!

Isn't is amazing how he has wrapped himself around your heart? There's nothing like it and there's nothing better. :)

I hope Molly is okay. Poor baby girl! I know you're giving her so much love and attention.

Hi, Uncle Mac! Not only can I read, but I can type too. Amazing, huh? In
addition to the diaper, I had a big man burp the other day. It was so huge
it made Mommy jump. I like to catch her off guard; it's fun. Thanks for
the comment. You should definitely leave more. Maybe I'll work on the
diaper explosions if you leave more comments. Deal? love ya lots and

How sweet, he is absolutely precious!!!!!! :o)

How sweet!

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