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Hi, Internet peeps!  Matt needed to work a little bit tonight so I'm sittin' here watching Dancing with the Stars and American Idol drinking a glass of chocolate milk.  The amount of chocolate far surpasses the milk.  Oh, how happy it makes me!  By the way, so far Melissa and Shawn are my favorites in DWTS; I have yet to pick a favorite for AI.  What about you?

Me and Chunky Monkey have had a wonderful past two days!  We made our first trip to the grocery store yesterday.  I couldn't fit his car seat in the grocery basket and had no idea what to do with it.  So walking into the store, I asked the lady walking in next to me if she was a momma.  She said with a smile, "Yes, I am."  I proceeded to ask her, "What do I do with the car seat?"  She was so friendly and helpful, showing me different options.  With the car seat set, we made our way through the grocery store.  He was lulled to sleep by the motion of the cart and my voice since I was talking to him the whole time.  The last two days have been great days enjoying my sweet baby.  Thank you, Lord!

Here are some things I think you'd be interested in:

  • The animation of this video of the Hudson River plane landing is amazing.  The story is still incredible to me.
  • My friend, Jill, made us Thai Coconut Shrimp Curry from Cooking Light a few weeks ago to help us out with Brennan.  It is delicious!  If you're not a shrimp fan, I'm sure there's a way to substitute it with chicken.  Serve it with fried rice and snow peas.  I'm making it for dinner this week.  I'm telling you, it is good! 
  • Julie requested the recipe to Kim's pumpkin ice cream pie with chocolate-almond bark and toffee sauce that I mentioned in the last post.  The recipe is from EpicuriousHere it is.
  • Who is psyched about March Madness!?  I AM!  Granted, I have no idea what's been goin' on in the world of basketball, but there is something really cool about March Madness and the lively variety that it brings to the weeks ahead.  Matt and I just filled out a bracket for a pool that my sister-in-law put together.  We flipped a coin to determine the game winners.  For the first round, about 80% of the underdogs were selected to win because of how the coin toss turned out.  Ha!  I think we're gonna be losers with a capital L!  We shall see.  I'm also filling out a bracket in BooMama's group.  If you're interested in filling one out for kicks, go here for more info.  Brennan's gonna be lovin' him some b-ball by the end of the month!  Go Tar Heels! 
  • If you like making photo collages, check this out.  Matt made one with some of our pics:

Photo-collage Christina asked how Molly's vet appointment went (thanks, Christina!).  She was a happy camper; they spoil her with treats oh, yes they do!  She had some blood drawn but has to go back tomorrow for x-rays and an ultrasound.  This is not the first time she's suffered from rumbly, upset tummies, but it's gotten progressively worse over the years.  She really doesn't feel well, and I'm worried about her.  So hopefully we'll know more this week and it won't be serious.  We're giving her lots of lovies.  The funny thing about the vet though was that you could definitely tell she and her assistants are animal people; they barely acknowledged Brennan at all.  It was hilariously odd.

So Molly goes to the vet tomorrow and then Brennan goes to the doctor for his 2 month check up on Thursday. He'll get four shots!  I'm dragging Matt with me because I can't bare to see him go through it. 

It's been gorgeous here this week.  I hope to get out with Brennan and work in the yard over the next few days.  The weeds are starting to overtake our backyard and I can't take it any longer.  Spring is here, my friends.  Hope ya'll have a wonderful evening and Happy St. Pat's Day!

Oh, wait...I just had an exciting, fleeting thought!  Easter is coming!  That means that the Easter bunny is on his way!  There's much more to Easter than that, don't get me wrong.  But a renewed sense of excitement for the Easter bunny that I haven't had in years has suddenly resurged because of the new little one in our home!  I mean, he'll only be 3 months, but hey, it's Brennan's first Easter!  Any fun ideas about what to put in a little Easter basket for him or where to find a cute basket?

Ok, now I'm signing off.  G'night.  <grin>


Aren't those shots the worst?!? I usually have David take the kids for their shots because I can't stand them crying.
I saw a few cute baskets in the Target $1 place. I like those $1 spots...sometimes you can find some cute things.

Aww I love your story about asking for help at the grocery store! I am rooting for Shawn and the cowboy on Dancing with the Stars..I know the cowboy is awkward but something about him just makes me feel for him and hope he does well! For AI I am totally rooting for Danny Gokey!

Thanks for updating us on Molly, I've been worried about her. I hope they don't find anything serious!

For Easter I second the Target $1 spot, and also Hobby Lobby if you have them there!

So what do you do with the car seat?

The lady I spoke to said that while some people feel uncomfortable with it,
because it's not totally secure, they put the car seat on top of the grocery
cart in the front basket. The car seat isn't completely stable but it can
actually hook onto the back of that front basket and somehow it locks to
where you can't lift it up without pulling up on the release handle of your
car seat. So I tried that and just stayed right next to him the whole
time. It worked well. I wouldn't have been able to fit the groceries in
otherwise. The other option, that my friend Tracy told me about, is to take
a sling or the baby bjorn with you. I might try that one day too because he
likes being in both. It's sure an adventure!

OK. Hobby Lobby for sure. I got Anna Kate's there and haven't found one nearly as cute anywhere for the other two (I still feel kind of bad about that.), and we don't have HL here! Inside it, a book with a mirror, empty plastic eggs, bubbles for you to blow - he'll love watching them!

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