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Yesterday couldn't have been more fine.  I woke up with Brennan about 5 a.m.  If you can believe it, the little guy had his first 8 hour stretch of sleep last Thursday...the same day as his first smile.  (Will definitely post a picture of a smile when he's doing it consistently enough to have time to capture it.  It comes and goes as quickly as I can beamingly say, "There's a smile!".)  Anyway, he must have been conked that night he slept 8 hours (7:30 p.m.-3:30 a.m.) 'cause it hasn't happened again since.  Although, I'm certainly not complain' because he usually goes about 6 hours during the night until his first feeding.  So we began our day together yesterday at 5 a.m. and after his feeding, he and I curled up on the couch together next to a roaring fire and slept another 2 hours.  Rubbing his back and playing with the thick blonde hair on the back of his head, I deeply admired each part of that little body that the Lord's handprints are all over.

Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed our morning with Brennan, trying to get him to smile and listening to all of his coos.  He went down for a morning nap in his crib upstairs (we're getting him used to his own room slowly).  The other day Molly even went into nap with him, standing guard next to his crib. 

Around noon, Pops and Meems arrived!  Molly was excited.  Let me rephrase that:  Molly was ecstatic!  I took them up to see Brennan in his crib and all six of our eyes staring at him woke him up. I think it was just an excuse for Meems to rock him back to sleep.

We are so blessed by the company and closeness of our family.  We wish all of our family lived close by, but we are so thankful for those that do!  What a treat that my folks drove up to spend the day with us.  They generously poured out so much love on us, even giving us money for our date!  Matt and I ran out the quickly that we didn't even ask our gracious babysitters if they needed lunch, and our fridge had nada in it!  We left them high and dry without a care in the world.  No food.  No payment for their services.  Just the loving coos and admiration of a 6 week old baby.  Of course that's all they wanted, but still...we gotta be more prepared for future babysitters!

Matt and I loaded Molly up in the car and visited our old stopping ground:  The Quarries Park.  We had the whole park to ourselves.  Molly thought she was the most special dog on earth as she roamed leash free throughout the whole place.  It felt like old times getting out just the three of us.  It felt so good to give my puppy some TLC.  But every ten minutes or so, our conversation would wind its way back to the tiny little new addition that's rocked our world and stolen our hearts.

After frolicking about, we made our way over to The Daily Grill at The Domain for lunch.  We walked our lively Labrador throughout the outdoor mall area where she gained the attention of many a bystander while me and the hubby downed some gelati.  It was wonderful to get out with the puppy and hubby!  What a treat!  It's amazing though how you start missing the babe, ready to go home and hold him.  But the fine day wasn't over yet!

Momma and I worked in the yard a bit before heading to the outlet malls where we shopped till we dropped for baby Brennan!  I'm not a shopper ya'll, but shopping for my cutie-pa-tootie is a whole new world!  I so wish I had a clothing budget that surpassed all reasonable boundaries.  Carter's was having a fabulous sale so I got a good stash of clothes for the coming months.  And then, I splurged.  Yes, I splurged.  We ventured into Strasburg Children.  I bought his Easter outfit.  Easter this year is also my 30th birthday.  I have no idea what I'll be wearin', but my boy will sure be one handsome fella!  And we found his Christmas outfit, too!  I love dressing up my baby doll! One of the saddest things to me is when he outgrows his means he's growing up so quickly already.

As I've read through this post a number of times, I've already caught glaring grammatical and spelling errors, which totally irks me.  I blame it on being tired.  Don't hold it against me.  I'm sitting here on the floor eating some cookie dough before hittin' the sack.  That automatically makes today one fine day, too.


sounds soo fun. and i love baby's smiles. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I'm soooooo glad you got to get out for a little while, as much as you miss him, I know it's very much needed :)

How sweet that y'all took Molly on a date! I know she was just giddy!

Isn't shopping for a baby fun? I went so overboard with our little one that he didn't wear some of the things I bought. At Christmas, I gave two huge storage containers full of clothes to one of my husband's cousins who had a baby boy in September. She got some gently worn things, but she also got a lot of brand new things, too! :)

Baby Brennan is sure to be one handsome boy in his new duds! I can't wait to see pictures of him in his new Easter outfit! I'm glad you had such a good weekend!

Sounds like a perfect end to a perfect day! :)

Ooooh. Cookie dough. Gotta get me some. Glad you had a date!

This post makes me so happy! It's a great feeling when you are excited to leave the house for a date out AND excited to come back home to see the little bundle. You will have to post pics of your splurges!

I can't wait to see a picture of his Easter outfit. I loved shopping at Strausburg for Jackson that first year.

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