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Hi, Internet peeps!  Oh, have I got a load to share, and I mean a LOAD!  So much wonderful has taken place over the last four days...in fact, too much wonderful for one person to soak up.  It's been quite overwhelming...in a good way, but overwhelming nevertheless.  My mind and heart are still whirling.  And I haven't had a moment to spare to write all 'bout it because me and the boy are headed to the Dallas area tomorrow morning.  I've been in the throes of packing and picking myself up off the floor after being so overtaken by all the wonderful of Easter weekend. 

Anywho, we're making our third annual trip up to Celina with a special bunch of folks:  Chris and Jill and their two kiddos, Harrison and Haddie, to visit Jill's folks.  Matt and Chris will join us on Friday, but us girls and the kids are heading up tomorrow.  Mr. Brennan will get to enjoy life in the country:  riding a tractor (a.k.a "the gator"), getting dirty in the garden, and maybe even taking his first dip in the pool!  It's going to be awesome!  And I can't tell you how much lovin' the boy is going to be getting from the two Hs!  All we have to do is pass the babe back and forth between the two all week and they will be happy campers.  Here are the three of them on Easter morning, precious and priceless ones they are!

Picture 429

My hope is to blog while soaking up some sun next to the pool some time this week and catch ya'll up on Easter weekend.  Because like I said, it was nothing short of wonderful!


So glad you had a wonderful weekend and enjoy your trip, my friend!!!! :O)

Nowdays, good news is always a welcome and refreshing event! SO GLAD you're experiencing so many blessings. That is good news, indeed! Thanks for sharing. May your trip be more than you can ask or think!

Check out those cheeks! Couldn't you just eat him up? Oh, Brennan is so cute!

Enjoy the trip!

What a teaser!!! I want to hear about the weekend! Anyway, have a great trip and I just love that picture!

Thanks for giving us a picture of these cuties in their Easter outfits! Brennan will have so much fun with them when he gets older. Those cheeks look so kissable! Look forward to seeing more pics of the Birthday weekend. Have fun this week!

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