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Well, I obviously didn't get to blog this past week like I thought I might.  We had a great time in Celina (more about that later), but our trip was sadly cut short because the little boy came down with his first virus.  After calling our pediatrician on Friday afternoon and telling her the symptoms he was having, she had us make an ER trip to the nearest children's hospital.  After following blogs about sick kiddos lately, I struggled keeping my mind fear-free.  It's one thing to go to the doctor's office; it's another thing to be told to go to the ER (even if it was just because we were out of town and that was our only option).

Our first ER experience couldn't have gone any better:  what was an 8 hour wait earlier in the week for other patients, was for us no wait at all.  And the staff was incredibly friendly, helpful, and understanding.  After some lab work and x-rays that ruled out more serious issues, we headed back to Celina.  It was a sleepless night for us though, and since some symptoms were lingering Saturday morning, we decided it was best to head back home early.  We have a very happy baby on our hands, but we're watching him closely.  I am a bit petrified and overly worried probably.  But my baby not feeling well is NOT fun!  

I've wanted to blog about my birthday/Easter weekend for a week now.  Yikes!  The words aren't flowing like I want them too, so you're gonna have to settle for mostly pictures.  Some of you prefer that anyway.  <grin>  I cannot quite convey the gift that last weekend was.  I was loved deeply.  And this post is just gonna fall short of trying to explain all of the emotions I was feeling, but here are some of them: 

Surprised.  Awed.  Humbled.  Taken aback.  Overwhelmed (in a good, blown away kinda way...hence the post title).  Thankful.  On cloud nine.  Peaceful.  Joyful.  Elated.  Content.  Grateful.  Contemplative. 

On Friday, my parents drove in from San Antonio with my grandfather, Papa, and my aunt and cousin drove in from Dallas so we could all have lunch together and they could meet Brennan.  Brennan met his great-grandfather and it was priceless! 

Picture 386

My two boys waiting for the festivities to begin

Picture 388

Brennan meeting Papa

Picture 400 

Brennan lighting up looking at Coley

Picture 403

Papa gave Brennan a gorgeous silver spoon with his initials on it.  It is a priceless keepsake!

Picture 413

Me, my Daddy & Brennan, Papa and Aunt Shell

Picture 417

Three special fellas

As per Matt's instructions, I had a bag packed and ready to go for my surprise getaway Friday evening.  I opted to take the middle ground when it came to a list of instructions for Pops and Meems:  it was a list that Brennan and I came up with together of things that he wanted Pops and Meems to know.  I thought it was a creative way of taking myself out of the picture and putting the list-making action on him!  (The list was referred to, by the way.)

Having no idea where we were headed, Matt and I kissed our little boy good-bye for our first night away from him and left he, Pops, and Meems together to party!  We headed into downtown Austin and pulled up to the amazing Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin hotel where my parents generously gave us one night's stay!  The first thing we did was climb on the bed and watch a few of the videos of Brennan we recorded. <grin>  It did my heart some good!  Then we walked over to a restaurant I'd never been to before but that I've heard rave reviews about:  Eddie V's.  It was sensational!  Take a look at our bananas foster upside down cake with butter pecan ice cream and a load of whip cream: 

Picture 421 

(If you haven't figured it out yet, food is a central part of any celebration we have!) 

Of course, I called home to find out how everything was going.  A splendid time they were having!  Climbing into the big, comfy bed that night was such a gift.  It was a very odd realization that I didn't have a baby to tend to.  It was somewhat a challenge to completely unwind; in fact, it was as we were packing to go home the next morning that I finally felt free to relax a little more.  Matt thought it was hysterical that I said, "I should be commended for going away for a night with my husband with a 12 week old baby at home!"  I guess it sounded funny saying that I should be commended to go away with my husband.  But the later part is what should be emphasized!  It was a wonderful getaway and such a blessing!

Before heading home, we stopped at one of my favorite breakfast places:  Chez-Zee for some French toast. 

The duration of Saturday was really relaxing.  I had special one-on-one time with Daddy on a walk.  My Momma finished up working in the kitchen and we were able to rest and watch a movie.  After putting Brennan to bed, we enjoyed a fabulous beef tenderloin, a salad full of goodies, and strawberry ice cream pie!  For my birthday this year, I requested two chocolate cream pies.  One for us all to have on my birthday and the other for me to enjoy the days after my birthday.  ha!  I'm not sure I should confess this, but I ate the second pie all within two days.  Matt only had one small piece of it.  It was divine.  I mean, look how beautiful they are: 

Picture 426

Alleluia! Alleluia!  Alleluia!  The Lord is risen indeed!  Alleluia!

Picture 428

This is my most favorite picture!  Pops with baby Brennan on Easter morning.

Picture 433

Molly is actually posing for the picture.  <grin>

Picture 441

After church, we headed home for Easter brunch.  Our friends, Chris, Jill, Harrison and Haddie (the kiddos' from the last post) joined us for a feast:  deviled eggs, fruit salad, homemade muffins, sugar-glazed ham, an AMAZING chicken and artichoke casserole (I'll post the recipe sometime this week).  And shucks, I know I'm missing something!  I had so much food leftover from this weekend that I didn't have to cook nor make one grocery store run this whole week!  Harrison had a piece of the strawberry ice cream pie and declared, "This is the best strawberry ice cream pie in my whole life!"

Later that afternoon, I had the fun of opening presents!  Matt spied some plastic Easter eggs around the house on Saturday and low and behold, I was sent on an Easter egg hunt to find my parents' gift to me!  It was such fun; I can't wait to do one with Brennan next year.  The eggs held some money in them to help go towards a customized blog design!  I am SO excited!!  Now if only I could find time to regularly blog.  ha!

Picture 457

Finding my eggs

I was certainly blessed with special gifts:  my aunt gave me a cross my grandmother, Cita, used to love wearing (it's beautiful and looks so much like Cita); and thanks to Matt and his folks, my birthday gets to be extended with some fun spa treatments...I think that'll be in a couple of weeks.  Believe me, it won't come a moment too soon!  As a side note, I'm gonna chop my hair!  Anyone catch that?  I'm gonna CHOP my hair!

The last gift I opened revealed why Matt had been holed up in the study for so many long hours working on my birthday project.  He made a book from Shutterfly with notes of blessings and encouragement that family and friends had emailed him!  It was a masterpiece of love and sleepless nights from my dear hubby!  I was so taken aback by all of the love from friends and family that were expressed.  Humbled.  Blown away.  Speechless.  I still cannot take it all in.  Like I wrote before, it was just too much wonderful for me to comprehend.  I felt so loved and cherished.


Picture 464

Reading what my brother wrote me...and bawling

In addition to blogging, I've been trying to get all of my thank-you notes written!  I've been so blessed...I feel like I've been writing endless thank-you notes since my first baby shower last November!  <grin>

A huge shout-out goes to my wonderful hubby for all his time in planning my spectacular birthday celebration!  And one also goes out to my Momma and Daddy who labored in love the whole weekend long (and the weekend prior!).  I just don't have the words to adequately express my thanks to everyone.  It was a priceless weekend celebrating both my birthday and Easter!  I simply do not have the words.


*sniff sniff* I'm...bawling too! *blowing nose*

What a special weekend!

Those nasty viruses are one of the very few things we, as mommies, can only combat with lots of loving when they're so little. I hate it when my kids are miserable, and there isn't a darn thing I can do...except thank God that he designed our bodies to handle these things relatively well most of the time.

If it weren't for that, I'd go crazy, because when one of my kids get sick, all four seem to line up to take a trip with the bug. :-)

Awh what an awesome weekend!!! What a great idea your hubby had! Sorry you had a scary ER visit with Brennan - we've all been there!! I hope he feels better soon!

Meg, I'm so sorry to hear little Brennan got sick this weekend! That is so stressful!! I love the description of your weekend. It sounds like a birthday that you will never forget.

I'm so sorry that Brennan got sick. Bless his heart AND yours. I know that was scary, especially since you were away from home. I'm glad he's better.

What a wonderful weekend you had! I so enjoyed reading about it. I have to tell you that the picture of your Papa and Brennan just made me weep. I know your Granddaddy is so proud! And your Daddy is just beaming! The picture of the three of them is priceless. I might just have to cry a little more...

And you're right, those pies look like they are to die for! I don't blame you at all for keeping one (mostly) for yourself! :)

I'm so glad Brennan's doing better! And I'm thrilled that you were celebrated so wonderfully! Thanks for writing and posting pics of the festivities. Love you!

All of this sounds amazing! Frame that Easter pic of your fam for sure.

What a wonderful post! We are debating doing an over night away for our anniversary this weekend - such a big step!

so wonderful!!! :)

oh, i think u'll look great with short hair! :)

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