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Hi, Internet peeps!  Just wanted to drop a little line to say, "Hello!"  Me and Brennan have been busy little bees this week getting our home spic-n-span and spring-beautified (I splurged on fresh flowers around the house) for some very special guests who are coming to visit us this weekend.  If Pops and Meems weren't special enough, Brennan is going to meet his great-grandfather for the first time, my Papa!  My folks and Papa will drive up from San Antonio to spend Friday with us and then Papa will head on up to Dallas for more family visits.  Pops and Meems will be here all weekend long with us!  I'm so excited I can't stand it! 

Easter Sunday is also my big 3-0 birthday and I understand there are lots of surprises for me!  I was atypically a very good girl this year and wasn't snoopy.  The past two weeks, Matt has been holed up in the study working until the wee-hours of the morning on some secret b-day project.  What a hubby!  I was also informed this morning that I need to pack an overnight bag for Friday night.  The baby boy is not coming with us.  Oh good golly.  I mean, I know I can do it, but geez, this is a BIG deal for a momma.  Right?!  Right!?  I COMPLETELY trust my folks, that's not it at all.  In fact, Brennan will probably like the change of faces around here <grin>.  I'm just sayin' that on the baby calendars that you mark all the baby's "firsts", they should definitely have a sticker for "first night away from momma" because it's a significant event if you ask me.  What was it like for some of you?  Any tips?

I was gonna make a list of where things are, what to do, etc...for my folks about Brennan's habits and schedule these days, but I know exactly what would happen if I handed them a detailed list:  they'd laugh and tease me.  In a good way, but nevertheless, I would get SO teased and it would be such a typical "Meghan" thing to do.  So maybe I'll forego the list this time.  

Maybe...if I can help it. 

I look forward to sharing all about the special weekend, but I best keep buzzing around while the baby is napping.  There's so much I want to write about Easter, turning 30, and all the other random stuff in my head...maybe I'll get a chance to blog on the surprise getaway this weekend.  Maybe hubby is taking me to an Internet cafe??  Ha!  Just what hubby wants to do this weekend is watch me blog! He'll probably say, "No computer allowed!"  <grin>  Anyway, if I don't get a chance to blog before Easter, I hope you all have a blessed Resurrection Day celebrating the most special gift ever:  abundant life!  May you know His complete joy! 


I can't wait to here about your weekend! Happy Birthday, early!!!! Enjoy all your special guest....that in it's self is a gift. :0)

What a treat! Enjoy the weekend and happy birthday! Go ahead and make lists and schedules, but if Brennan is like the typical baby away from Mommy for the night with the grandparents, he'll set his own schedule and they'll all love it! :) heehee!

I can't wait to hear all about your special weekend! You deserve it!

One of the best things for Brennan to learn early is that his Mama and Daddy love each other and make time for each other. It's one of the best gifts y'all can give him. He is so blessed!

aww. your hubby is so sweet! enjoy yourselves!!

I can't wait to hear about the weekend. Happy Birthday!

I was laughing about the list - I do the same thing!! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Birthday!!

You are so blessed to have everyone coming together to make this a special weekend for you. You should be able to rest easy knowing Brennan is in good hands. Just enjoy Hubby all to yourself! I can't wait to hear all the details too & to see pics of Brennan in his Easter finest! Let the festivities begin!
Happy Birthday! Love from me!

Have so much fun with Matt celebrating 30 wonderful years! I did leave a very extensive, detailed list the first time I was away from Gibson--it probably served to make me feel better more than anything. He'll be spoiled by his grandparents while you are being spoiled by Matt! Have fun and happy b-day!

Happy Birthday Megs! Enjoy your getaway with Matt and have a wonderful Easter!

YAY for surprises!!!! Hope you have an awesome time, my friend, wherever you go!!! And I know Brennan will be in good hands!!! Happy Easter!!! :o)

Have a wonderful birthday Meg!! Don't worry, I'm absolutely not a list maker and I would never even consider leaving Nathan with someone without leaving a written schedule and tips. Even Grandma! My Mom actually really appreciates it 'cause these little dudes can change so much in a weeks time. But I do think my daycare lady found it a little funny cause she's done this for almost 30 years.

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