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Moments Like These

Some days are just rough.  You know.  The days when there are more tears than smiles.  I’m finding out that the days when the momma is sick automatically typically mean it’s gonna be a sucker punch of a day.  And when the baby is sick at the same time the momma is, well, that’s just pitiful.  Never-mind that last Wednesday was Earth Day; we went through laundry like no one’s business because of massive spit ups and diaper blowouts, one right after the other.  And I won’t divulge what was taking place in my body, thank you kindly.  Fortunately, I have a wonderfully helpful hubby that came home early to give me reprieve because I couldn’t function.  I needed a break from the screaming baby.  I needed to step away for a bit of time, for both of our sakes. 


It was a rough day.  I needed lovies.  And my precious one needed lovies, too.  There was much about last Wednesday that I’m not proud of.  My weaknesses came crashing through.  Brennan saw them plain as day.  Yet, he still gave me smiles.  He still looked at me admiringly.  And at the end of the day, he still found comfort in my arms.  And I found comfort having him in my arms. Holding him seemed to somehow wash away the tear stains of the day.  Unspoken forgiveness.  Unspoken acceptance.  In moments like these, you want time to stand still.  They’re sacred.





Hope y'all are both back to 100% now. I love that sweet!

Bless your heart. Those days are so hard and they seem to last forever. I hope you are both feeling better.

The picture is priceless.

Absolutely beautiful!!!!! I hope you're doing well, my friend :)

Being sick really stinks when you're a mom. All you want is someone to take care of you, but you are still the caretaker!

It is a stressful time but a time with lots of hugs and snuggles...and that is what we live for right?!


What a beautiful post and picture! You are so right! I am just getting over being sick as well. I hope you are feeling better!

I completely understand. ((Hugs))

Hope today is a really good day for you all. And I can relate to your post--I think Lauren and Emily have a lot to teach me about keeping short accounts. I have seen both girls sneaking toys to her sister in time-out--even if the misbehavior was a sister conflict.

That photo is priceless! But it's obvious that you paid a high price for it. Sadly, these are moments which few mothers talk about - and are, yet, so normal. It's not fair that these unbearable times are rarely discussed...especially not fair to new mommys...maybe because they do fade so quickly - like memories of childbirth - when our little one is again sleeping peacefully in our arms.

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