Five Months and Counting
Father’s Day Weekend


Hey! We have that red and blue outfit!

He's sitting up - that's awesome!

the twin thing creeps me out, but i like the original a lot. he's such a big boy!

Wow - you are right. I once saw a picture of a baby on a bookcover that looked exactly like Isaiah. It was crazy.

We had some heat today, 93 with heat index of 100. That is pretty good for us. Hot and humid MN.

Ok, I can't believe he's 5 months. It goes by so fast! We've been on the road, so I'm just catching up . . . but I had to tell you that we l-o-v-e Five Guys. Mmmm . . we have them in Albany, yum! And, now this summer in CO, right down the street from us - dangerously close. I didn't even know Five Guys was this far west. Oh no! Keep enjoying that little boy!

That's crazy! He's getting cuter all the time, Megs!

He gets CUTER and CUTER everyday!!!! :O)

I think they just opened a Five Guys here in Austin, too.  If it were right down the street from us though, Id be in super big trouble.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Hope you all are enjoying CO!

Hi Meg!! Brennan is just so cute....I think he looks so much like you! This is such a fun stage, when they start sitting up and start getting really chubby; I'm glad you're enjoying him so much. I guess we will see you in a couple of months at Evan's birthday....I can't wait to see your little guy!

Yeah for Brennan! He's doing such a good job sitting, it's hard to believe stages are coming so fast! Those pics are so similar , that's amazing, of course we know the real Brennan! Loves to you!

OMGosh I can't believe he is sitting already!!! WTGo Brennan!!! Oh and the picture is really a crazy resemblance!

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