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Father’s Day Weekend

I have to post something new because every time I bring up Spicy Magnolia, I see that picture of the unknown “Brennan double” and it throws me for a loop; I have to keep reminding myself that that is not Brennan.  If you’re like me, I want new images please!

Therefore, let me post some photos from Father’s Day weekend!  Me, Brennan, and Molly ventured to San Antonio last Thursday afternoon to spend the weekend with Pops and Meems.  Hubby joined in the fun on Friday after work.  My parents’ home is a wonderful getaway for me and Brennan during the week; it’s really fun to be with my Momma right now because she is off work for the summer!  So we’re making every moment count while we have her.  On Friday, we ran a couple of errands which included a stop at Babies R’ Us to look for a walker for Brennan.  But they don’t make walkers like they used to, I guess.  The one me and my brother used was a big, colorful ring that bounced off walls.  The only ones we saw were made of such hard material I’m afraid they’d make a big dent in the wall!  Neither did Brennan enjoy them much when we tested them out, so we opted to wait.  Instead, we enjoyed rocking in the comfy rocking chairs while I gave Brennan his bottle.  Then we headed to the mall to do some Father’s Day shopping and grabbed a bite to eat at Chick-Fil-A.  The mall was so loud and crazy it left Brennan a little over-stimulated.  Poor guy was shaking with all the ‘excitement’.  Meems finally got him to sleep in her arms.

picture 001

Brennan has his own petting zoo at Pops and Meems’ place.  Four puppies!  FOUR!  If dog slobber was clean, we’d have the most spic n’ span baby on the planet!  It’s amazing Momma still has pretty things around her house with balls flying everywhere.  Hopefully Brennan will keep the track record going to her advantage.

picture 002 

Matt and I usually enjoy a more leisurely morning at Pops and Meems while they take Brennan.  I still have to get up for a bit to get a bottle ready, but after that I’m free to hop back in bed.  Before Brennan, I would wake up and pile in bed with my folks while they read the morning paper and Matt slept in.  I loved those times, and it’s hard for me to pass them up now even though I could use the extra sleep.  So I opted to drag myself out of bed and enjoy the mornings with three of my most favorite people.  How could I pass up moments like this:

picture 027

picture 030

The only thing we got out to do on Saturday was grab some burgers at good ol’ Longhorn Cafe!  We didn’t need to eat anything the rest of the day.  Upon walking into the restaurant, I told Brennan, “Welcome to one of the best greasy joints on earth!”  We were originally going to spend the weekend in Austin, but Pops and Meems had a special date night already planned:  they went to the Il Divo concert!  Look how pretty and handsome they look! 

picture 023

I wanted to include a picture of just my Momma and Daddy because this little clown couldn’t keep still.

picture 024 

Happy Father’s Day!  Hubby got to sleep in <grin> and we saved up room for our lunch.  We grilled out fajitas, picked ourselves up some fixin’s from Chuy’s and made homemade guacamole and salsa.  To top it off, we ate nearly the whole pineapple upside down cake Momma made!  It was DELICIOUS!  For part of Matt’s and my Daddy’s Father’s Day gift, I traced mine and Brennan’s hands and made lots of cut outs of them to write messages of appreciation and love.  The big hands were notes from me and the little ones from Brennan.  My Daddy got the blue and pink ones and Matt got the orange and green ones, and I hung them around the table and the chandelier.  We love our guys!

picture 031 

picture 034

I’ve worked on this post for three days now (certainly wouldn’t think it would take me that long, but it did), and I have yet to come up with a grand ending except to say that it was one great Father’s Day weekend!  And now, I’m just ready to hit “publish” and be done with it.  <grin>


looks so much fun! and u have great parents! and your mom is prettyyyy!! :)

And Brennan sure is growing fast!!!!

I love San Antonio! I didn't realize your parents lived there.

Thanks for sharing the Father's Day Pictures! The Hands were a fun Idea! Your Mama & Daddy were pretty & hansome couple!

Soooo sweet and LOVE your new blog look :)

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