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Two Characters

7 months--August 16-September 15

Who wouldn’t have fun with these two characters?  Guy, who will be one year old next week, and Brennan had the best time playing with each other last week in El Paso!  Oh, how I loved finally getting my hands on that precious love bug!  I’ve only seen Guy through our video camera on Skype, and so to actually see him in person; feel his chunky thighs; hear his giggle without the muffle of the computer speaker; and gaze into his blue eyes was such a gift to me.  And yes, I treasured each moment I had with his momma, too.  <grin>

Brennan was a super traveler on the plane rides, which I was most grateful for since I was traveling with him by myself.  But somethin’ happened to that kid’s naps; they were all topsy turvy.  Have you ever tried falling asleep with the sounds of your child’s screams and crying echoing repeatedly in your mind?  It’s like how after riding a roller coaster you fall asleep feeling like you’re still riding the roller coaster, but this time it’s just the constant sound of screaming.  The little boy would not stop screaming for nap time, and even during the middle of the night he kept tossing and turning.  We both ran on adrenaline last week since we were so excited to be with our buddies, but we came home pretty tired.

I think we’re slowly getting the nap thing worked out as my hunch is that Brennan is dropping one of his naps.  So we’ve been reworking our schedule the last few days and so far, just taking two naps is doing the trick.  Although he’s a space cadet during dinner, ready to doze at any moment.  What has your all’s experience been dropping a nap?  It makes me wonder how future traveling is going to be with a kiddo who is getting used to his sleeping environment/crib.  I’m already apprehensive about traveling at Thanksgiving and entering a two-hour time zone difference.  Any suggestions?

I digress.  Our time in El Paso was so special!  After watching Guy for the week, Brennan sure did come back wanting to try all sorts of new things which I wrote about here and has since been caught standing up in his crib…which has now been lowered.  It made me so sad!  Corrie’s sweet parents were very generous to watch the boys for two nights while Corrie and I lived up the night life.  Not really.  We’re tired mommas.  After staying up until 11 p.m. the first night, it did us in for the rest of the week.  We paid for that extravagant use of time.  We also had an unexpected treat of visiting with Aimee Feuille, her parents, and baby Egan!  He’s the spitting image of his daddy.  By the way, Matt and I want to know where the phrase “spitting image” came from.  It’s a peculiar saying.  I know I could Google it, but who better to ask first than my Internet peeps?

I am so excited it’s September and Fall and that our fun activities are starting!  We start MOPS this Friday and our music class next Wednesday.  And here is a kind forewarning that I am going to be on hiatus for awhile.  I am prepping for eleven house guests over two consecutive weekends coming up the end of September/beginning of October.  We have family coming for Brennan’s dedication weekend, bless their hearts.  And then the five girls I lived with my senior year in college are Austin bound for a reunion!  I can’t wait!  But my to-do list for cooking and cleaning while keeping up with an insatiable explorer is keeping my nose to the grindstone.  I’ll be sure to come up for a breather every now and then and check in with ya’ll.  Happy 09-09-09…at nearly 9 p.m. <grin>


I am still here reading! It all sounds like so much fun. You are definitely the mom because you see the "after" of the vacation or trip. You are doing a great job. Have a most wonderful time preparing and enjoying your family and friends. Someday Rob and I will make it down there. It is fun to have friends all over the country!

Love, Katie

Oh, yes! I have tried to fall asleep to the sounds of his screams. I have also had days where I HEAR his screams long after his stopped actually screaming. It kind of made me feel nuts. But I know what you are going through. And ANY TIME you travel I'm pretty sure sleep schedules just go out the window!

I love all those pictures!!

Sounds like you will have a busy but fun next few weeks!! :)

Glad you had such a great time! I've never had a little one take 3 naps! But when I dropped the second one, I did move the first one a little later and bedtime a little earlier!

Loved all the fun pictures of 2 blond & blue eyed boys, they looked like they had a great time. I was wondering about the 2 hour time difference--4am is pretty early to wake up!

Hey Meg....just wanted to say that it was so much fun seeing you last weekend. And Brennan is just one of the cutest little babies I've ever seen....so precious. Hope you have fun at MOPS tomorrow and with your fun plans coming up. That should break up the monotony quite a bit, right??! I know exactly how you feel about all of that. You want to be with them, but sometimes it just gets so boring and lonely! Anyway, keep in touch...

We had a blast too! Thank you SO much for making the effort and taking the time to visit. It was such a treat! Love you!

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