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If you would’ve told me a few years ago that I’d have a blog, I would’ve laughed and dismissed it as a time-waster.  If you would’ve told me that from blogging, I would meet some wonderful people who would be the most encouraging blessing, I probably would’ve been a little skeptical.  Well, I did start a blog.  I love it as you well know, and wish I could add at least two extra hours to my day to blog more regularly.  And I’ve also befriended some amazing people through the blog world, whom I admire, respect, and glean from, with a dream to meet them in person one day (without them saying, “You’re who?  Meg from whatcha-ma-call-it?”  Sudsy Magenta?”).

Well, one of my dreams did come true this past weekend:  I got to meet a dear bloggy friend of mine in person for the first time!  I’ve been reading Sara’s blog for over a year now.  We journeyed through our pregnancies together, sharing a lot of thoughts and emotions in common.  She was one of my only friends who waited to find out if her baby was a boy or girl, too, so we stood strong against the more popular decision to find out the treasured information <grin>.  She also had a little boy, Aaron, who was born a couple of months after Brennan.  She has been a huge source of encouragement for me turn to when I had questions and concerns about pregnancy, and now we can continue to build on our friendship by being mommas to these two precious boys.

When Sara said she and her hubby, Jory, were going to be in New Braunfels for the weekend (they live in Tyler), and that they wanted to get together, I was beyond thrilled to finally meet face to face!  Our husbands graciously tagged along for our lunch at Chili’s in Buda and then we stepped into Cabela’s for a bit to look at the aquarium and stuffed animal collection that was quite spectacular.  As Jory pointed out though, why would they choose to stuff a chipmunk?  It was so tiny standing next to that deer! 

Look at this precious, adorable little boy!  And don’t you just love his bib?  There was no mistaking that this fella is crazy about his momma; the way he smiled at her made my heart melt.  picture 001 

Here’s a picture of Aaron and his sweet momma.   She and Jory were so fun to hang out with and easy to talk to.  And it was great fun watching the two little boys gaze and smile at each other from across the table.  They were a hoot.  And look how BIG Aaron is!  He’s the same size as Brennan and two months younger!picture 003 

I am so thankful for this dream come true!  It was quite amazing for me to think about all we’ve shared over the past year and a half through blogs, comments, and emails, and now we had the opportunity to meet in person.  It was quite touching.  I’ve never been to Tyler, so we’ll have to head that direction some time soon.  <grin>picture 005

On our way home, I sat in the backseat to keep the tuckered boy awake until we got home to keep a catnap from ruining his real nap time.  On Sunday, he got to ride his first choo-choo train at the park with Daddy and play in the dirt.  He was a happy camper! 

picture 009 

Hope ya’ll have a great Tuesday!  We’re off in a little bit to make a park run for the second time today.  Yippee skippee for the oh so lovely Fall weather!


Those are two cute boys! Brennan is getting so big, and I love his toothy grin!

way cool!!! so cute!!!

Awww, so awesome that you got to meet a blog friend face to face :) :)

How cool!!!

I LOVED this sweet post and I loved Saturday!

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