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Let the Countdowns Begin

A Circus of a Breakfast

It’s flown by these last (nearly) ten months.

We’ve sure come a long way from our breakfast picnics back in the early days.

picture 004

You’re not so little anymore.

Your skinny newborn chicken legs are hefty chunks of baby rolls.

You move…wherever you want to go.

And you’re curious.

picture 089

Breakfast picnics are not so laid back anymore for Mommy.

Or Molly, who thinks she’s in competition with you for the food.

It’s a circus.

picture 095

At the rate you’re growing, you’re going to pass me up pretty soon.   

Your first year birthday is still two months away, and I am already a blubbering mess.

Your hair doesn’t look too bad when we take pictures from far away.  Mommy’s hair is shorter now, too.

picture 092

You’ve changed a lot, baby boy.  So, so, so many exciting changes you’ve gone through.

We’ll keep having our breakfast picnics…until you actually want to eat the food off my plate.  Mommy doesn’t share food very well.

picture 091

But with that endearing face of yours, I think I’ll cave.

Or maybe I’ll simply take you to an actual circus instead.



That last picture is just priceless! Glad you are doing well!

Wonderful way with words--great way of summing up just a few of the changes! (I'm back reading and commenting)>

I love how Molly is eyeing the food the whole time!

I loved this!

How sweet-the dog is cracking me up!

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