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Brennan is a Bitty Twin

First there was a freaky sighting of Brennan’s twin on BabyCenter.com. Since then, a number of friends have emailed me about seeing Brennan’s look-alike as they browse that website. I keep wondering who that other kid is and how long ago that picture was taken.

But get ready for another double-take! Not only does Brennan have an unknown twin roaming the face of the earth, but Brennan has been made into a doll. An American Girl Bitty Twins doll! Matt’s mom came across the catalog and had the matching picture of Brennan to go along with it.

american girl and brennan twin 


If we have a little girl, maybe she’ll look like this???

You’d think I’d be receiving royalty payments for the use of Brennan’s image for a doll, but no one consulted me before proceeding with his replica. <grin> But I could see why people would want to buy a doll of Brennan…he’s pretty cute!


wow--you're right, meg! maybe the american girl designers are secretly reading your blog. :)

OMGosh WOW that is uncanny!!! Are you going to get one?

It is kinda crazy, huh? Next thing will be a wax figure. Nope, not gonna by one; I have the real-life original. :)

WOW! That's nuts!

Oh goodness, that is hilarious!!! ha :)

That is crazy how much they look alike! He is super cute! You are VERY blessed!

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