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Happy Thanksgiving

Let the Countdowns Begin

‘Tis the season of countdowns.  Seven days until Thanksgiving.  Thirty-three days until our seven year anniversary.  Five weeks and two days until Christmas.  A few more after that and it will be 2010.  2010?!  Holy cow!  Wasn’t it just yesterday I was a junior in college smoking my first (and last—it wasn’t that great) cigar with my friends who will remain nameless Corrie and Eric, ringing in the turn of the century over Christmas break?  We’ve all grown up since then.  <grin> Anywho, back to my countdown.  Only a mere fifty-nine days until Brennan turns one year old.  Three days after that, Matt will turn thirty-two.  My life is on fast forward, and I know I’m not the only one who feels like that.  Give me just a small moment to breath.  To stop and breath ‘cause with everything coming up, all you have to do is flip a switch and I’m a stressed out maniac.  And if anything this season shouldn’t be, it’s stressful.

Minus two days ago was Brennan’s 10 month birthday.  He and I were in San Antonio together with Pops and Meems where he baked sugar cookies we’ll have for Christmas; 

picture 096

picture 105

picture 103

made his first zopicture 121o visit (thanks, Meems, for going even though you don’t like zoos very much!); entertained four puppies; tried a whole new assortment of yummy food that Meems made him (including a baked potato, mushroom and barley soup, pigs in the blanket, and some of his perfectly baked sugar cookie); and mastered going out the doggie door.  It was a full and very wonderful weekend!  Now we just need to get Daddy feeling better and cross our fingers that Brennan doesn’t get sick before we leave on a jet plane for some celebrating with Matt’s family in California for Thanksgiving! 

picture 136

picture 139

So here are some snippets about our ever-growing gem of a boy who is just a blink of an eye away from being a one year old!

  • Some things you love:  playing in the refrigerator, your paci, practicing climbing the stairs, playing chase, music class, Molly (and playing ball with Dapples and giving Seymour kisses), your milk (it’s fun to make you crawl over to me to get your bottle) <grin>, and affirmation (you love to be cheered on—it brings on the biggest smile and claps).  picture 019
  • Daddy spent hours putting up the gate to keep you from going up the stairs, and even though it was still off the ground enough to where you could slip underneath, we thought we had at least a month before you figured how to go underneath it.  We were so wrong.  We had a week at the most.  You quietly and ever so slyly crawl underneath and before I know it, you’re on the fourth step.  I have to watch you like a hawk.
  • You’re a pointer now!  It made the zoo all the more wonderful because we knew you could see the amazing creatures, of which the monkeys were your favorite.

What’s that, Momma?

picture 119

That’s a deer?  A ram?  A big dog with horns?  Oh wait, a longhorn sheep.

picture 118

  • When I’m working in the kitchen, you beautifully serenade me with your piano playing.  Another favorite instrument of yours is the guitar.  You kinda hog it at music class.  picture 144
  • You figured out how to go out the doggie door at Pops and Meems’.  I still won’t let you go through ours because of the step down and hard concrete.  But you sure raced out the door at their place.  You were just waiting for the opportunity.picture 111picture 112  picture 113


  • You know the word “clap” 
  • Thanks to Jillie, you had your first itty bitty bite of chocolate cream from a cream filled donut.  Two happy campers you were!  picture 012
  • “B” sounds were introduced.  You love to babble back and forth with me.  I walk around stores baby babbling with you.  <grin>
  • We have a motor boat!  You make that sound everywhere you go.
  • We’ve seemingly skipped stranger anxiety entirely, although you have been quite clingy to me the last few days. 
  • Over the last month, four teeth came in, three within a week of each other.  You have six total.
  • Favorite finger food:  red pepper hummus on toast.
  • You like crawling around with toys in your hands.
  • You despise it when I try to pick something off of your face. 
  • You love to share your toys with Molly.  And if I’d let you, she’d be one porky puppy because you like sharing your food with her, too.
  • One of my new favorite games to play with you is “I need to be rescued by my prince” where I lay on the floor until you crawl over to me and give me lovies.picture 011
  • You wave ‘hello’.  Miss Molly gets the most waves since you wave hello to her every time you come down the stairs after a nap. 

These last ten months have flown by, little boy.  And I know the next two are going to as well.  But they also will be filled with so many special memories and celebrations.  What a privilege it will be to witness you beholding the wonder of this season through your eyes for the first time.  May we stop and be still, experiencing it afresh alongside you.


Oh my gosh! LOVE the Doggie Door pictures. And isn't he just the cutest boy??? Love him!!!

Seriously, you are such a good momma, I love the way you love that little man of yours. He's going to be a heartbreaker, watch out!!

And yes, let the countdown begin!!!!!! :)

see dogs are the best for sharing food with. like vegetables. my puppy was a healthy eater! too bad i wasn't. i still get nervous about the month old cookies. but i'm trusting you on this one! and yes, this whole comment was about food. i'm clearly starving.

Oh my he is just super cute! Looks like you guys are having fun! I know what you mean about the time flying! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (And my hubby is sick right now too!)

I am so sorry he got sick! When do y'all leave for California?

Ok, I'm going to have to follow Julie's lead here on the cookie thing, you're going to eat them at Christmas? Will they keep?

Brennan is one seriously handsome little man. Christmas will be amazing!!

Ive had to reassure Miss Julie that the cookies will not be sitting out over the next month growing moldy and stale.  Instead, they will be nicely kept in the freezer until their Christmas debut.  But the questions make me wonder:  would people not want to know their Christmas baked goods have been in the freezer for a month when I give them their gift defrosted but still yummy??? :)

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