Nine Months Down
A Glimpse into a Gal’s Mind

Out of the Jungle

 picture 001

I was running through the jungle, like a wild little monkey.

All of a sudden, these people snatched me up and they were kinda funky.

picture 003

picture 010

picture 006

They told me to come along and follow them, a banana they had in hand.

I figured I couldn’t ever be too chunky, so my tail and I skedaddled across the land.

picture 048

picture 042

picture 040      

picture 054 

We arrived at a festival with funny lookin’ creatures and lotsa sweet candy.

So tired was I, dazed and confused.  All I wanted was a banana, then I’d be just dandy.

picture 058


picture 066  

After pinning a giraffe with a spot, back to the jungle I was to go; but the funky people took me home instead.

The magic wore off and I became a little boy.  The monkey was gone and I laid my sweet head in a big, comfy bed.

brennan sleeping


So very cute! I love his little tail!

This is wonderful!!

I was wanting to hear the monkey story---he was so cute checking out his tail! And precious back as a little boy :)!

SOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEE! The Cutest Monkey in the land!

He is the sweetest little thing--what a cute blue-eyed monkey! The picture of him in the crib is so snuggly!!

LOVE it.......... sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! :) :)


So sad :( that that little chunky monkey didn't come by this home...he would have gone home with a bundle of goodies becuase he is soooooooo cute! He is truly a precious little gift who puts many a smile on peoples faces....

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