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A Luminario Maker in the Making

One of my most special Christmas traditions is making homemade luminarios with my Daddy on Christmas Eve, which we put along the walkways and light when it gets dark. I don’t remember how the idea originated, and good golly, we’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. My brother used to be a part of the tradition, but you could always tell he was somewhat disinterested. He’d maybe help with a bag or two and then go off and do his own thing. Eventually, he came outside for a few minutes to watch us then go back inside to do who-knows-what. And now, he doesn’t even grace us with his presence. So it’s a Daddy-Meggie tradition these days.

This year, we welcomed a newcomer. We have to start him out early so he sticks with it through the years and eventually passes down the tradition. In other words, we’re deeply hoping he shows more interest in it than Mac.

Supplies you need:

paper bags, candles, rocks or dirt, a candle lighter, and a helper

P1020818 Like grandfather, like grandson.

P1020817 Next year we’ll have to get him mittens which allow him to use all his fingers. It’ll help keep the bags intact. Although, who am I kidding? That’s not gonna really help the bags, is it?


P1020820Already skidaddling. Please, please don’t be like Uncle Mac looking for something better to do.

P1020821The dirt was boring. The bag was even more boring. Maybe this box of white things will be more fun.

P1020833How’s that wax tastin’? Must not have been very good because you spit it up five minutes later by the front door.

P1020835Candle quality control is vital.

P1020828There ya go! You’re an official luminario maker.

P1020834You keep clapping for yourself all the way through life, buddy. I’ll keep clapping for you, too.

P1020837Checkin’ out our progress. Pops, we gotta line the bags up better. You’re slackin’.

P1020840I don’t think Seymour would like wax either. But way to share!

P1020819Job well done, fellas! I think we have a new life-time luminario maker in the family. At least he will be if he knows what’s good for him.



Great pictures! Luminarios are beautiful, but you do have to be committed. That's a great tradition to pass on. It will make for wonderful grandpa/grandson memories--something that will be cherished for always.

I used to do luminaries with my Dad too only we made them out of old milk jugs that we cut the top off of and used kitty litter to hold the candle in. What great memories you and Brennan will have!

That was wonderful! I loved your commentary for all of the pictures. And, yes,let's watch our boys clap for themselves all through their lives!

Awh that was so fun to see him in action!! They are really big on those here too, but they call them luminarias (with an 'a' instead of 'o'. We have problems keeping them up here because of the high winds we get. It's still fun though!

Oh, what wonderful pictures that capture the moment! I have always loved watching you and your Daddy make,light and then admire the beauty of the light. Brennan is off to a great start!
And where was Uncle Mac with all this fun going on?....oh, that's right....he must have been playing on his Wii! :)

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