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Let the Parties Begin

No sooner were the holiday festivities drawn to a close than the next set of parties began…and the biggest ones are yet to come! We just wrapped up an extended weekend with Matt’s cousin, Jason, and his new fiancée, Ellen. Avid foodies, they were the most fun to take through the “mecca of Whole Foods”. Little did I know that place sells $1500 bottles of wine, Portruse (spelling??) to be exact. Jason enlightened me. And if anyone has a chunk of change to drop, he’d like one as a wedding present. Brennan enjoyed a private violin concert, in which Molly thought she would make it sound more beautiful if she barked. It did not make it more beautiful.


The little Texan also made his debut at our State’s Capitol, completely fascinated by the echo resounding from his voice while crawling through its hallways.


We ventured across the city, pointing out its unique highlights, all the while celebrating the special couple…


And eating out at some of our favorites like Z’Tejas and Mighty Fine Burgers, and of course, splurging on homemade food like this Gingerbread Tumble.


It was the first party of the New Year, and there are at least three more this month, beginning with a BIG ONE! Yep, bring out the party hats and the box of Kleenex, because my baby boy is turning one year old on Saturday! It’s already been an emotional week, but a thrilling one as well. Just look at where we’ve come over the past year:

a year of brennan

This past weekend marked the first out of three weekends this month of hosting company. I am also going on my own little getaway by myself in south Texas, and I’m quite excited about it. So I will likely be M.I.A. running our bed and breakfast the next few weeks for some of the most superb people in all the world. And partying. And soaking up the last few moments before my baby enters toddlerhood. It’s definitely been a year worth partying!


recipe please! AND. i have to admit i love that last pic of brennan best. even if it means tooting my own horn! hahaha Happy Birthday baby! You will always be a baby to me!

Those pictures are wonderful! I love how happy he always is! I am very glad that you are getting a little "Me Time" this month, too! Good for you!

Great pictures of Brennan's first year! I can't believe how busy you are~I hope it's fun for you even in the midst of the craziness!

Happy Birthday little Brennan and Mama too! I feel your pain my little Henry will be one on the 26th. Cameron is 6 and his 1st birthday was a weepy one for me but joyous tears. I know it will be the same with my little monkey!

Awww, I didn't know he had the same birthday as Harper Stamps!!!! :) Soo cool!

I can't believe that he's already 1! It seems so fast! I love the pictures of his first year! I hope he has a great birthday! And you have fun as well! Hope to see you guys soon.

Love the pictures of your cutie! Soak it all up this week and enjoy the sweet birthday celebration. Can't wait to see cake pics!

Wow! I cannot believe it has been a year already!! That is so wonderful! Happy Birthday, Handsome Guy!!!

Happy Birthday to Brennan! Meg, I'll be thinking about you on Saturday--I hope you guys have a wonderful time celebrating your little man and your sweet family. I miss getting to see you!

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