The Miracle of the Moment

Look Who’s One!

Today was a most wonderful birthday celebration for our little one year old! Here are a plethora of pictures for you to get a glimpse of our special day. But before I get to the pictures, guess what the chap did yesterday for the first time, the day before he turned one. Any guesses?

He took his first steps! It shocked me, and I’m so glad I caught him in action! He took three or four steps toward me and I was ecstatic. I couldn’t get him to repeat it, and didn’t expect him to for another week or so, but surprise, surprise, he did it again today during his birthday party, several times. He still approaches the new-found development cautiously and carefully, but it won’t be long till we have on our hands a full-blown walker. So it’s a good thing I bought new tennis shoes recently to run after him effectively. <grin>

Without further ado, here are some pictures from today:

P1020955 P1020956  P1020958 P1020959 P1020960 P1020961 P1020962 P1020926

All the decor before the guests arrived (you can click on the images to enlarge them). It was so fun decorating, making our home bright and colorful. Hubby’s 32nd birthday is Tuesday. Do you think he’ll mind me using “first birthday” decorations for him as well?



P1020966The birthday boy in the outfit Meems picked out for him. It has tiny trains on the cuffs of the overalls and trains on the socks as well.


We enjoyed a small, intimate party with a few dear friends: Rob, Leah and Evan (little 2.5 week old Ella Kate stayed home, but I got my hands on that precious girl last week) and then Chris, Jill (who was greatly missed but celebrated with us in heart) and their two kiddos, Harrison and Haddie. And last but not least, our special Pops and Meems. We started off with some homemade guacamole and The Pioneer Woman’s jalapeno poppers, which were a hit (among the big people)! Seriously, Ree was right when she wrote in her cookbook to make three times the amount of poppers you think you’ll need. For lunch, we grilled burgers and hotdogs, and the jalapeno poppers were tasty on the burgers, too. And Momma made some delicious potato salad. Then to top it off, I made Brennan’s birthday cake which was chocolate citrus.

It was a blast watching the four kiddos play together! When the three older kiddos were done with their lunch, Brennan desperately wanted out of his high chair so he could continue joining in the fun. And Miss Molly was a crowd pleaser as well.

P1020970Oh, how they love this boy!



P1020971From left to right: Haddie, Chris, Harrison, Leah and Evan munching on some chips, guacamole, and hot dogs. Such joyful faces!




Eating his first hot dog and some scrumptious potato salad.




Once the other three kiddos finished and started playing again, we moved Brennan over to the adult table while he finished his plate. But don’t be mistaken, he’s not really looking at me taking the picture so much as he’s looking at the other kiddos playing and wishing he could join them. Which he did.




Funny boys! I just noticed the top of Haddie’s head and her pig tales at the bottom of this picture. <grin>




A Christmas princess.




I love this picture of Brennan getting ready to eat his cake and laughing at Harrison. It’s always Haddie’s and Harrison’s goal: to make Brennan laugh!


  P1020989Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Brennan. Happy birthday to you! And the birthday song wouldn’t be complete without clapping, huh Brennan?



P1020995 The first bite. A little skeptical, he is.




It seriously doesn’t take long for the mess to begin.




That’s affirmative. He likes it!




Kim at Kim G Designs was so kind to have Brennan’s bib made for me in time for his birthday. I thought it was so cute!









Our family of three enjoying some yummy cake. But it looks like Brennan is ready to get down and play again.




These are some happy campers!



P1030017 Rob and Evan, two happy boys after eating cake.



P1020983    It was a blast watching all of the four kiddos playing together. It was, however, impossible to capture a photo with all four of them looking at the camera. <grin>





 P1030021  P1030031 What do all little boys need to have? A rocking horse! Thanks Pops and Meems! Molly needs to check out all the new toys.



P1030030 Happy first birthday, precious boy! I look so forward to the next year with you, and am forever thankful for the good and perfect gift that you are. I delight in you!






Happy birthday, Brennan! The party looks like it was so fun. Have we talked about the fact that I knew Leah a little bit in college?

Happy birthday Brennan! And congratulations on walking! We love you!

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Brennan! AND, Congratulations Mom and Dad on your great accomplishment of being parents for a whole YEAR! (plus 9 months of course!) :) Praying for many more blessed years for your family.

Woo hoo for being 1! I love that he decided to show off his new tricks just in time for the big day.

Happy Birthday Brennan!!!! What an awesome little guy!!

What a perfect party! That looks like the perfect sized gathering. All of the food sounds SO good and the cake looks wonderful! You did an excellent job and Brennan's outfit is ADORABLE! He is SO, so, so cute! He gets cuter every day! Happy Birthday, Brennan!

What a great day! Wonderful pictures and it looks like he got some awesome toys.

Happy Birthday to our little grandson! We loved seeing your party pictures. That cake looks good, too. Brennan, how did Daddy do grilling the hot dogs? It looks like you got some pretty fabulous toys there!

Awww...happy birthday brennan! :) what a celebration!

happy birthday b! save some cake to share with me, k? love you!

Happy Birthday! Looks like a great party....nobody loves a one year old like the momma! You put in a lot of work this year and look how wonderful it turned out:)

He is so cute I just can't stand it! Every post shows a cuter little boy! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day. Now that he's walking, hang on to your hat!!

Love the pictures, Meg! So glad you all had a great time celebrating Brennan! And so exciting about his first steps--what fun timing! :) Happy happy.

This looks like one fun party! Give Brennan a big hug from his Country House "aunties!" :)

Great pictures! Thanks for including us. It was such a special day! I love how Evan and Brennan are getting to know each other and interacting more lately. Happy Bday Matt!

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Can't wait to meet you!!! ;)

Meg, Brennan's party looked like such fun! You did a great job making everything so festive and special. He's as cute as ever, and I love that bib. It's safe to say that it was needed and broken-in well with that yummy cake. Can't wait to hear about your weekend in Houston!!

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