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Team Spirit Bred Young

We prep our younglings early on to know which colleges and universities we love and which ones are our nemeses. A bond to a school might even run generations deep. If you haven’t seen the The Blind Side yet, you must, or you’ll miss out on one of the top three movies of the year. If you have, then you know it’s quite possible to breed generations of specific school lovin’ fans. We’ve got it goin’ on in this household, oh yes we do. Cause’ we have team spirit, how ‘bout you?

We’ve got our own youngling choosing between the TX A&M Aggies, Gig ‘em!…

picture 045


The Wheaton College Thunder…crash, boom, rumble. Don’t get me started on having thunder as a mascot…



The Arizona State Sun Devils, Fight Devils!

picture 352 

The University of Virginia Cavaliers, Go Hoos…


The North Carolina Tar Heels, Go Tar Heels! (we still gotta get our hands on some Tar Heel paraphernalia)…

And last but not least,

The University of Arizona Wildcats, Bear Down, Arizona! (but the family member rootin’ for them hasn’t bought Brennan any Wildcat paraphernalia yet)…

And then there is the unmentionable one, the nemesis of our family. The one whose name is on the unframed masters diploma of my hubby’s. The one who is playing in the national football championship tonight. The one who’s sparked a flutter of team spirit throughout this city, even in the grocery store. The one I will be forever branded as a “betrayer” if I cheer for them tonight. The University of Texas Longhorns. Hook ‘em!

We have no Longhorn paraphernalia. For a reason. And maybe Brennan’s facial expression in this picture shows that he’s not all that into the Longhorns either. But those cakes and cookies sure look good. photo

We’ll watch the game. And I will cheer for the Texas, Big 12 team, just this one night...because I got true State of Texas spirit! But if it gets too late, you will find me in bed like the last time UT played in the national championship…and we were awakened by firecrackers and bottle rockets.

Brennan has a plethora of schools from which to choose, well, namely five. That should make the decision for him easier. I just had one school on my list that I wanted to attend (yes, I put all my eggs in one basket), so five already seems overwhelming to me. And as his mother, who’s to say I would be upset if he wanted to live at home to attend UT, or better yet wanted to attend UT to live at home? <grin> If that’s the case, well then, dadgummit, hook ‘em!



Well if he comes to Wheaton, we have a seat for him at Sunday dinners!

I feel your pain. Since I live in Big 12 country I guess I have to cheer for them.

That is hilarious! We are not sports fans here!

whats the sigh for??? ;)

That is the sweetest thing ever, Tracy, and made me smile thinking of him joining you all one day. So special!

i know exactly what to get him for his birthday! HOOK "EM HORNS!!!

I did not know Matt got his Master there! We're rolling tide. We just can't do it.

In this family up here in Ohio, there's just one: Ohio State--Go Bucks!
Now my "little man" in Texas has some choices -- his Ohio family will welcome him up here at Ohio State, but I imagine his Texas family will be rooting for him to go to Texas A&M (Dad's). Just like Brennan, Aaron has plenty of time to make up his mind. :)

Fun post, he’s so cute in all his sports gear!!! :)
Sorry they lost :(

Poor little fella...he's going to be so confused...or perhaps I should say, irritated? Since Brennan already exhibits more maturity than his Pops, I will follow his example by removing my institution of higher learning from the table of consideration.

I say hook 'em! Look at the heart those boys put into their game last night. I think Brennan would fit right in. Or UTEP! Have you considered that?! How could you forget the Miners?

I didn't comment on how cute he looked. It's so incredible how much they change so quickly. He has so much more hair now than in that one picture! Too cute!

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