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Double the Trouble, Double the Fun

Who watched Lost last night? Wasn’t it AWESOME!? As my sis-in-law, Julie, wrote on her blog, it’s the show we’re never gonna want to end! As a side note to Julie’s blog, you should hop on over there to read this article by a Washington Post staffer on Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl ad. It’s a great article.  It’s a thoughtful and fitting response to some of the negative hype. Oh, and take a look at this from Antique Mommy. I’ve pondered numbers 1 and 35 all day long.

Ok, back to Lost: that was two thrilling hours of television! 24 used to be thrilling to me, but now it’s same-old and very predictable. Am I the only one that feels that way? The suspense has dissipated. “Bye, bye,” Jack Bauer. Time is limited in this household, and you’re gonna have to go. You’re not doin’ it for me anymore. But Lost, remain forever.

And onto the real topic of this post: our special visitors from this past weekend. Our good buddies, Eric and Kim and their adorable 9.5 month old son, Luke, made the trip from Colorado to visit us, and it was a blast. We go way back with these folks. Eric and I grew up in El Paso together and have known each other since I was 11 years old. At Wheaton, he introduced me to Matt, and then when Eric and Matt lived together in Austin, Matt introduced Eric to Kim, who also happened to be a Wheatie. Did ya get all that? They’re some of our bestest buds, and now Luke and Brennan will forever be bestest buds, at least as long as we parents get to choose who their friends are. But even still, we hope they’ll forever be bestest buds. They sure hit it off this weekend, talking and babbling to each other, playing together, and even crying when the other started crying. They’re learnin’ empathy early on.

Chuy’s was our first stop, and the most important restaurant to visit. It was crazy crowded with a long wait, so we opted for take out, which was so the right option to choose. We stuffed ourselves silly. After the boys hit the hay, the adults stayed up to play. That’s more or less what it was like every day. Day time: lugging our gear and boys around the city; night time: busting out the food, the drinks, and livin’ up the night life. Well, in an exhausted, need-to-be-responsible-parent sort of way.


P1030108At one and 9.5 months, these fellas weren’t really “double the trouble”. I’m sure they will be one day though. And we’re bracing ourselves by opting for arranged marriages. And chastity belts. If they don’t make those for boys, we’ll invent them. And knee pads for the hours spent on our knees praying.


P1030113Thank the Lord they’re angels now. Wonderful, precious little boys who don’t even know how to wrestle yet. Or grunt. Or let out disgusting burps on purpose. They just need their mommas’ tender lovin’ care to make it through the day.


On Saturday morning, we hit the playground at Zilker Park for some fun sliding and swinging.


P1030119 The game “Chutes and Ladders” comes to mind.


P1030122 Why do the big boys seem to be enjoying the swings more than the little boys? Oh yeah, it’s ‘cause they’re lookin’ at their pretty girls.


P1030123The swing is only so much fun for awhile. After that, it’s melt-down worthy.


 P1030124 The Coloradoans were freezing in Texas this weekend. Eric kept going “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah” trying to reasonably explain why that could even be possible.


  1. P1030125A cheesy, but heartfelt caption is the only kind appropriate for this picture. I love these friends of ours! The shared history, interests, memories, times of laughter and times of tears are too numerous to recount.  There is nothing like the deep bond of friendship, and this is the kind that is lifelong. There are certain friends of mine that when I think of them, my heart could literally burst in thanksgiving and joy over being their friends, and these three are of that kind. I hope at sometime during your lifetime, you may know this kind of friendship.


After Zilker, we could not pass up taking our guests to our staple tourist attraction: Whole Foods. For the first time, we ate at the bar-b-que bar and it was the best thing I’ve had at Whole Foods! For the afternoon, the big boys went to a Longhorn basketball game (where they lost in OT) and the girls and little boys hung out at home and got dinner ready.


P1030128 Cupcakes, glorious cupcakes!



P1030129Tails is Brennan’s favorite new book now thanks to his buddies. And because of that, I’m dreaming about tails. Possum tails. Tiger tails. Swat, swat, swat. Dirty tails, clean tails, fluffy tails. Tails, tails, tails!


The hit of the night was a recipe The Pioneer Woman recently featured on her blog: molten lava cakes. Your life is not complete without having at least one of these a week. Or be wild: one a day! We played a couple rounds of “Clue”, a favorite in our household. It was Mr. Green, with the lead pipe, in the library, in case you were wondering. Then we laughed our heads off (that’s such an odd expression) and reminisced over old college photos.

Sunday we went to church together and met up with Eric’s little sister for lunch at Central Market, where we wanted to listen to the live Jazz band. But it was too cold for me, and way too cold for Eric and Kim. <grin> The fellas took over for us girls Sunday afternoon, and I took Kim to one of my favorite Austin spots: The Steeping Room, for a lovely afternoon tea. It was purely delightful and was the perfect thing to do on the cold, dreary day. We bar-b-qued steaks and had baked potatoes and salad for dinner. It was a weekend of feasting. This whole month has been one big feast, which makes February, not January, the month to begin our New Year’s resolutions. Oh wait, we don’t have any.

Eric and Kim spent the better half of the evening trying to convince us to move to Colorado. I’ll let you know if and when our bags are packed. But for those of you worrying as you read this (a.k.a. Pops and Meems), you’ll just need to have your bags packed and ready, too.


P1030148I think they could pass for brothers in this picture.


P1030154That fella you call your friend is making me put my arm around Luke, and I don’t like it. Neither does Luke. Enough already.


 P1030161Now we’ll always have proof of the first time the little boys saw each other n*aked, as boys tend to joke about such an event even up into their 30s.



P1030163 All four of them mesmerized by watching a Lost summary episode gearing up for last night’s season premiere. We love Lost. And we love those moose with short fluffy tails that go wag, wag, wag.




thanks for the shout out! hopefully people will focus on the frog video and not the other randomness :) I can't wait to make those cakes, but it might have to be a girls night! hehe And speaking of, I love that y'all had girl time and guy time throughout the weekend. i hope to copy that one day! and i hope my kid looks like he could be brennan's brother bc they are both so cute. and i want my own moose shirt. but now i'm starting to share too much.

How fun!!!!!
And you’ll have to clue me in because I am totally out of the loop. What is all the hype about Lost??

So much fun. I do love Austin. I can't wait to get back there and see my dad and step mom again soon.

That sounds like the best weekend ever! And you are so blessed that your friends had a baby so close to yours - and another boy, at that!

What a wonderful weekend; you are blessed to have friends like that! Oh and I LOVE the picture of the boys with their boys watching Lost! I made PW's chocolate sheet cake this weekend and it was SO SO good!!

What a sweet, sweet post! Couple friends are so wonderful! And kids the same age/gender is an added blessing! Thanks for sharing your joy!

I SO agree with you about "24"! I think this should be the last season. I'm thinking Jack has run his course. I was so excited about "Lost", but I was a little let down after the premier event. Will be interesting to see how they wrap it up. I think they will honor those of us that have stuck with them and answer a lot of questions that we have.

What a wonderful account of your weekend! As I've said before, you have a gift of writing. The weekend sounds like it was fun and enriching. Such good friends are truly a blessing.
I printed the article on Tebow and will put it on my "News & Comics" bulletin board. Some of the kids check it out each week. My school is smack dab in the Bible belt of southeastern Ohio, so the article won't raise the administration's eyebrows. Thanks for sharing!

What a magnificent place Colorado is...nothing can beat the Rockies....but.....Tears....tears....are the bags packed?:(

Nope the bags arent packed :) And no tears, thats why we told you your bags would have to be packed, too. Dont worry, I want Brennan to have a Texas accent. ha!

hello meg!
yes, LOVE lost right now! i wait for it every week to see what happens. :) yeah, haven't watched 24 in a long time, doesn't it end the same way? jack saves the day.

also, so cute pics w/little brennan and his friend. and oh, i miss colorado so much, so whatever your friends said about it, i'm sure it's true! i told david when he retires, i want to move back to denver. although depending on what day you ask me, i might want to move back sooner. :)

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