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It’s February, and I am putting my feet up and taking a deep breath, feeling elated after the last month of partying and special visitors, and feeling much relief that we don’t have one thing on the calendar for any of the four weekends this month. I do have plans to start some spring cleaning, but will take my time working on that. My kind hubby said I could take the whole year to get the house back in order and cleaned well. He would genuinely be ok with that, bless his heart. I would roll over and die of dust. But hubby would just keep on kickin’ without one complaint. He should be loved on real good this month of Valentine’s Day, don’t ya think?

I have much to share from the past weekend, and I also need to write a catch-up post on what fun things my boy was up to and learning when he turned one. But first, here’s a little link love for you to peruse.

Tsh, whom most of you all may know from Simple Mom, wrote a guest article for {in}courage directed to moms, asking the question, “do we really love our jobs?”. It’s simple, yet bold in reminding mommas what a privilege it is to be just that: a momma. The visual pictures she uses to make her points are powerful.

Then this article on Simple Mom, written by guest author, Megan from Sorta Crunchy, was resourceful in addressing difficult days in parenting, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the books she recommended. On that note, my little boy is feeling much, much better, and is his sweet, cuddly self again…yet another reason I’m breathing a sigh of relief. But this article is one I’ll keep in my back pocket to re-read from time to time for a little boost of morale.

Are you looking for creative ways to give to others, trying to think outside the box from the normal monetary donation? Then read Marla’s post here. She’s got some creative gift-giving ideas that I’m thrilled about.

I am not well versed when it comes to understanding all the proposed changes to the health care system. In fact, it overwhelms and confuses me. But this post by J.R. Briggs made a lot of sense to me, and after spending the weekend with a doctor friend of ours, we found out he had the same ideas.

Finally, I have a huge announcement to make. No, I’m not pregnant, unlike a friend of mine who told me this weekend that she is carrying their second after making me wait five whole days with only, “I have fun news to tell you and you can’t know until Saturday.” Painful. PAINFUL! It’s just so wrong! <grin> Well, <half grin>. You know who you are, and I’m still gonna give you a hard time about making me squirm that much!! But I’m also still gonna jump for joy at the amazing news!! Anyway, onto my huge announcement: after taking his first steps the day before his first birthday, last Thursday, Brennan decided to take off! Ladies and gents, we have an official walker! He’s walking more and more everyday, and it’s so fun! If you wanna see him in action a bit, click here. It was filmed last Thursday and I was not at all expecting him to walk as much as he did, so it was double the treat.

Oh, and who’s totally stoked about Lost tomorrow night? I’m as giddy as a girl with her first crush!

I’m off to sleepy sleep…the first night I’ll be in bed before 11:30 in weeks. Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite!


This was such a fun post! Several of those articles appeal to me, so I will be reading them through this week. And SO excited to see footage of Mr. Brennan! How fun is this stage?!

YAY!!! Go Brennan!!!! :)

You are so adorable! Did you know I stayed at Megan's house on one of our Zoo Trips? LOVE HER! (Love you too!)

Yay Brennan!!!!!!!!!!! That is wonderful!

Thanks for the link love!

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