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It’s Not the Hair Dye’s Fault

Yo, yo, yo, waz up?! For some strange reason, I’m slightly in a quirky mood. So this blog post could either turn out to be mildly entertaining or be a complete flop. Maybe it’s because I put four bottles worth of hair dye in my hair this week. I usually use two colors at one time, mixing them together, but I was in a big rush when I did it on Wednesday, and my short cuts did not pay off. My hair looked like a zebra! I’m not joking. I had a bright stripe of reddish brown up front and light strawberry brown in the back. The bad thing about it is that I went out in public with wet hair because I didn’t have enough time to blow dry it. So I didn’t know how horrible it looked until it started drying while I was at my dermatologist appointment. And then I made the mistake of looking in the car mirror and to my horror, my hair looked like a punk rocker from the 80s.

To make matters worse, it was a limp dish rag because of the 100% humidity. I thought I’d be brave enough to endure the public spectacle I’d be by running errands. I thought I’d suck up my pride enough to enter a high-end department store that I only step foot in once a year to buy makeup. I don’t feel that comfortable going in there all dolly-upped let alone looking like the mangled mess I was. So when the sales lady proceeded to ask me if my hair color was natural and I caught a glimpse of my striped hair in the mirror from the corner of my eye, I erupted into the full-blown explanation of my rushed morning and the awful result of my color. I pleaded with her to tell me the truth of what it looked like. I in turn basically threw up my insecurity all over her! Bless her heart, she probably wished she hadn’t opened her mouth. I walked out with my head bowed in shame and my tail tucked between my legs because of not only what I looked like but how I acted. I think it’s time I re-read Beth Moore’s So Long, Insecurity. I knew I’d have to read it again (and want to) several times throughout my life, but I never imagined it would need to be a quarterly read!

It nagged at me all day long and became a huge distraction to the point that I couldn’t rest until my hair was fixed. So Matt was kind enough to pick me up two more bottles of hair dye. With prayers sent above, I began the task for the second time that day at 10 p.m. By 11 p.m., I was contentedly laying in bed with darker-than-I-wanted reddish brown hair, but at least it was no longer striped.

On Saturday, I do not know what came over me but I decided to cut my hair short. Short, short, short. Julia Roberts Steel Magnolias short! Maybe it was the heat. Or my hormones. Or the four bottles of hair color that remained in my hair tinting the rinse water from my shampoo at the salon orange. That morning before I left, Matt thought it would be a good idea to ask me if I was going to cut my hair short. A minute later he told Brennan, “Now Brennan, remember to tell Mommy how beautiful she looks when she comes home.”

I appreciate my hubby teaching our young boy how to love me and his future wifey, but a little suggestion: those “let me teach you about women” kinda conversations might be much better suited for when I’m not in the room <grin>! They sure outdid themselves when I got home though! Look what I had waiting for me:


Brennan picked out the card all on his own <grin> and the card says, “For the Mommy more beautiful than flowers”. I LOVE IT!

It was just the encouragement I needed because it’s taking me a lot to adjust to the new do and not throw up my insecurities on those who comment on it.


I just finished making my most favorite trail mix that brings back fun childhood memories. It’s got Chex cereal, M&Ms, peanuts and raisins. It will be the perfect treat after horse back riding, biking, hiking, and white water rafting. Hopefully the bears and moose won’t steal it from us. Say what?

In less than a week’s time, we will be jet-setting off to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone to celebrate my Daddy’s 60th birthday! Mac and Julie will meet us there, too, and we are ecstatic! My Momma has been planning this trip for nearly a year and a half and the day is drawing near. One of the best parts about it: the highs there are only in the 70s! I’ll finally be able to breath again. This humidity sucks the breath right out of ya.

Mac and Julie love The Pioneer Woman’s recipes (and I’m hands-down a fan). I think we’ll get to taste some of her stuff during our week in Wyoming. Look what Mac made of PW’s today:


If I come back 10 pounds heavier, you’ll know why.

A few weeks ago, Brennan and I were coloring and I had a wild, girly notion to do something I used to do way-back-when. I think all of us girls have done it at one time or another, but I decided to do it on Brennan’s behalf. I played the game MASH for him! You know, the game where you pick several categories about your future and then generate a number to start counting through the items to know which ones to eliminate. The ones remaining are what your future will look like. Matt nearly died knowing I did this for our son! I probably spent hours doing this game throughout my childhood (and young adult) years <grin>. As far as the girls go, the three that quickly came to mind were Ella Kate, our neighbors’ daughter (Leah is probably dying as she reads this!!), Harper (Kelly’s daughter), and Anna Beth (Amanda’s daughter). The rest you can see for yourself:


The results:

Brennan will marry Ella Kate; have four kids; live in Arkansas; be a pastor; have a bunny; go to TX A&M for college; and travel to Italy for his honeymoon. Certainly a blessed boy!

The funny thing about it is that Rob and Leah, Ella Kate’s parents, went to A&M for college and Italy for their honeymoon <grin>.

I know, it was a quirky thing for me to do! You may have a stronger word for it. Sadly, I decided to play this game weeks ago and well, I can’t blame it on the four bottles of hair dye. I guess it’s just who I am.



Your new haircut is precious! It's YOU! And it's a whole lot cuter than that horrible wig Julia Roberts had to wear!

I love the new hair cut! I got mine cut this week too while my Mom was in town, but I wasn't brave enough to do anything different. Way to go, Meg!

I sincerely like your haircut and the color. It's quite stylish and makes you look even younger (not that you look old---you look a younger young!
I have never done the bottle jobs on my hair--I was warned that my hair reacts so differently than most and that I have so many years of different colors in it that I'd end up with a hideous bright color that was nothing like what I intended. So I pay to have it done professionally.
I think the game is harmless and fun. Quirky, but quirky is cool and your quirkiness helps make you the wonderful woman that you are.:)

First off, your hair looks absolutely STUNNING!!!!! Love it!!! And second, I don’t think Kelly have objected at all, haha!!! :) I had so forgotten about the MASH game. Did that ALL the time!!

I LOVED this post! You are so cute! I was laughing about the whole hair debacle, I would have been embarrassed too! I really like the new hair cut though! I totally forgot about MASH, thanks for the memories!

I LOVE the haircut! And Brennan's future looks perfect, except that maybe four kids is an awful lot. You know you'll have to move to Arkansas to help out.

I love your hair! Right now mine is really big post pregnancy hair. It is hard to style...your hair is amazing though!

Next time, I gotta do the MASH game with Macys name! :) We still gotta get our kiddos together to play some time soon. Wed love it!

I think four kids is an awful lot, too, but I like the way youre thinking about it: moving to AR to help. Id go for it in a second! :)

HAHAHAHAHA who knew when i said "did you get a hair cut? it looks so good" that there was such a back story! and i love the randomness of this blog, it is hilarious! from mac's pic of his food to MASH. hahahah Can't wait to see you and be random together! :)

I LOVE your hair...I want my hair cut just like it!! :)
I also love your quirkiness...that's ONE of the many things I love about you, too. I can't wait to have some of Julie and Mac's home cooking, too....he's come along way! :)

I love your haircut; and I am so proud of your two men!! I completed my annual physical, today; so, I'm ready for that delicious looking meal!!

What a cute post. I love your hair! You may have inspired me...I'm going in on Thursday.
It would be a dream if Ella Kate married Brennan. What a fabulous couple they would be. You've made me want to play MASH:)

You. Look. STUNNING. Love, love, LOVE!!

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