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Pictures Galore Continued: Deep in the Heart of Texas

It shouldn’t feel like it’s been weeks since Brennan and I were in San Antonio with Pops and Meems. But somehow, it already feels like ages ago. A resurgence of the stomach bug that presented itself today doesn’t help matters. So far it’s only hit Brennan, bless his heart. But we’ll skip over those unpleasant details and move onto remembering our amazing time two weeks ago with Pops and Meems where we were loved on and spoiled!

There were…

Afternoons playing in the water to cool down, which by far made Dapples’ day…




Evenings helping Pops open a foretaste of his 60th birthday celebration at the end of this month (more on this later). But I just have to say: ECSTATIC! Using the pictures as clues, any takers for guessing where we’re jetting off to? For those who know, ssshhh!!

 IMG_0501 IMG_0504


Reading times at Barnes & Nobles…



Graham cracker snack times in bed watching Little House on the Prairie



Mornings helping Pops with his ‘beauty’ routine while munching on blueberries. Pops does this outside so he doesn’t get dye on the bathroom counters. Oh wait, he probably didn’t want me to tell the world wide web that he dyes his beard! So, ahem, they’re just outside working together munching on blueberries…



Evenings dancing on the new JW Marriot Resort grounds, fascinated with the speakers in the grass. That place is incredible! I so badly wanted to use their pools for a day…



Saturday mornings where we hopped in the car and went to Paneras in our PJs to eat a blueberry muffin for breakfast (don’t worry, I wasn’t in my PJs)…



Big boy moments reading the newspaper in the car…



Shamu sightings! Who, by the way, was acting up and thrashing around right as the show started. We had no idea if a trainer was in the water, but we knew something was wrong. It was an awful, awful feeling and I nearly walked out with Brennan but a trainer started talking to us about what was happening. The whale was simply being disobedient and the show went on with only one noticeable difference: the trainers did not get in the water! Regardless, my boy was fascinated by Shamu!


Moments we didn’t get on my camera included swimming down the river at Sea World, playing at a great park, and heading into the movie theater for the very first time with my boy to see Toy Story 3. He loved it! He sat there the whole time without so much of a peep or squirm, mesmerized by the screen, enjoying every minute of it. It was the perfect summer thing to do with Meems to escape the heat, and it was a memorable first.

Meems spoiled us with good home cookin’, and Brennan felt right at home from the moment we pulled up, even kicking from excitement knowing we’d arrived at such a fun destination. It did my heart some good knowing that he was familiar with Pops and Meems’ home. He knows when he’s loved!

While we were away from home playing, Matt had a little trip himself: he flew up to Chicago for his cousin Jason’s wedding! The newlyweds are off gallivanting across the French countryside.


We had a few days back at home before hittin’ the road to the farm, but during those days, Brennan was introduced to coffeecake batter and liked it, but wasn’t interested in licking the beaters. I wonder when will that change? He posed for pictures and took big bites of Rudy’s sausage. It’s been a full summer ya’ll!

IMG_0528 IMG_0529 IMG_0530


Sweet pictures!
Thanks for stopping by my site. I keep telling myself this story isn't over yet. I don't know the ending but God always is faithful to answer our prayers. Yes, No, or Wait. I have to believe that He is good and all will work out in His timing and in His plan for me.
Hugs to you!

Wish it were 2 weeks was such a joy to us for you and Brennan to be here! It seems like dullsville and the puppies are so snacks to hunt for, no one to throw the ball or chase after! I pray Brennan is so much better and you nor Matt will come close to having it...

Sea World! How fun! And I want to take Aaron to Toy Story 3. I think he would be mezmerized, too.

Such a sweet time!!! Love all the pictures!!! Hope the poor little guy gets to feeling better!! :(

Look at how big and cute Brennan is! Man I wish we could see you all in person. Had to drop by and see some recent photos. Your baby's growing up! (Mine is too, for that matter.) Love you all!

hahaha i love that he was reading the newspaper. i just ran across this blog while looking for toy trucks. i'm really liking the stories though. i think all kids are the same. if they have food, parents, grandparents and toys they're good to go.

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