Pictures Galore Continued: Father’s Day
Pictures Galore Continued: Deep in the Heart of Texas

Some Things He Knows

Hi, dear Internet peeps! I have one more picture post to catch you up on from last week in San Antonio with Pops and Meems, and I will have a slew of photos to share from this weekend, too. Brennan and I arrived at our getaway destination late this afternoon (Matt will join us later) and Brennan is loving it! We’re visiting Chris, Jill, Harrison and Haddie at Jill’s parents’ farm and it is quite evident that Brennan has missed his best buddies like mad! He is ecstatic to be here with them. I’ve never seen Brennan run around so hard and so strong, leaving him completely out of breath, trying to keep up with his buddies. He crashed tonight. And he will crash tomorrow night, Saturday night, and Sunday night after days of running, playing, swimming, cow and pony sighting, riding the tractor, and trying to muster up as much as he can to be as big of a boy as possible to keep up with H & H.

After he crashes, Jill and I have sweet plans to sit in the rocking chairs outside, enjoy a glass of wine, and talk about anything and everything until the stars grow big and bright under this vast Texas sky. Our men will probably get out the guns and practice target shooting. I’m not even sure I said that right: practice target shooting? We city folk don’t do that very often. Or they might go for a run. With Bob (a.k.a. “Muffin”—an inside nickname I have for him) and Jennifer, we’ll also probably get a good round or two in of Mexican train dominoes. Even Brennan’s first fireworks display might be in order; if he doesn’t crash before then.

So as I gaze upon the beautiful, open country this lovely evening, I leave you with this video that Brennan and I made yesterday. We stayed in most of the day so I could clean house (it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks and desperately needed to be done) and pack up for our weekend away. One of the more fun things we did though was make a video together to show you a few of the things he knows. I obviously was all mixed up as to what day it was. And the little boy simply gets amused by filming himself. Hope you enjoy and have a great Fourth of July weekend! Love to each of you.

Some Things He Knows from Meg @ Spicy Magnolia on Vimeo.


So cute! It's so much fun when they learn the eyes, nose, mouth 'game'! Have a great weekend!

How precious is that?! It's so much fun to see Brennan in action! Y'all have a great weekend, and be sure to tell us all about it next week! Take care.

Love it! Have a great weekend!

M- You are precious!!!!! And don’t even get me started in that boy of yours!!!!! Ha :)

Oh my you are both so precious!!! Too cute!!! I love the amused smile he was giving you when you were sticking your tongue out! Have a great trip!

Oh my goodness! How Brennan has grown!!! I haven't blogged for a while nor have I visited many blogs lately so it's a blast to see how your little guy has grown! AMAZING! What a cutie pie he is! You are blessed. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

So cute! I'm so jealous you get to see our dear friends!

It's wonderful to see you both...even though it's not in's the next best thing! :) SOOOOOOO cute!
Have a most wonderful time celebrating our "birthday"!

Hi, Grace! Its so good to hear from you! I still read your blog whenever you post. I hope youre doing well and thanks for your sweet words about my little boy. We sure enjoy him! :) Hope you have a blessed Fourth of July, too.

What a smart little boy! Loved seeing the two of you.

Loved it! I still want to hear him say squirrel. He is so cute and smart and I love seeing glimpses of him learning. Give him a hug for me and tell him I have few more things to teach him ;)

(By the way this is Uncle Mac)

OMG! I was just going to post about how Uncle Mac didn't teach him how to stick out his tongue very good and how we are going to have to work on that....and then I saw some other girl name Julie posted. and i thought "i wonder if she posts a lot. i wonder if meghan ever gets us confused" BUT WOW!!!! Mac read the blog and posted a comment. a little christmas miracle!

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