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Fireman Brennan

Last week, Brennan and I ran into a fireman at our neighborhood H.E.B. whereupon I asked if we could ever come by to see the fire trucks. His reply was, “Yes, ma’am, come by anytime!”

I couldn’t wait to take Brennan, but our week was pretty full last week. So we thought we’d stop by on our way to the gym and the grocery store this morning to see if the kind firemen would oblige an eager 20 month old boy and his momma dressed in her grubby workout clothes. (I’m very, very embarrassed and unhappy about the included picture of myself, hence my need to disclose the information about my attire, which only covers part of why I dislike this picture of myself). Anyhow, the precious memories were recorded!


fire station


We’re so thankful for all the brave firemen, police officers, and medics who take care of us!


Fireman David, whom we ran into at H.E.B. last week, was the same one who let us explore the trucks. He has a 17 month old baby girl and couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming to us. Brennan loved seeing all of the trucks and gear! His favorite part was sitting in the driver’s seat. That is, until Fireman David adjusted the seat which jolted down with a loud thud. Cue the alligator tears.



We were in El Paso this weekend for my grandfather’s memorial service and one of my cousins asked me, “If you could guess what Brennan will be when he grows up, what would you say?” I have no clue! But if I were to guess based upon his current interests, I’d say either a zoo keeper, a race car driver or a mechanic, a train conductor, a music teacher, or yes, a fireman. His fear of the adjustable seat is the only obstacle in his way. But once he overcomes that, he’ll be one of your heros!


What a good Momma to think to take him! I love it!

Wonder if he'll still be wanting to "drive" a car or if it's a truck all the way now!? :) What a fun day...would have LOVED sharing that time but I so enjoyed seeing the Momma and little one. Momma looks just great, too!

Adorable pictures! That is so awesome that you took him to see that. Alex would love to do that and I've never thought of it!

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