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This weekend called for desperate measures, y’all. I’m just as tired about writing about our ongoing illnesses as you are reading about them. Matt went back to the doctor last night and after being on antibiotics for a week, he still has bronchitis that isn’t getting better. So they gave him some potent antibiotics that required a special photo ID verification at the pharmacy and hopefully we’ll send this nasty stuff to Timbuktu. Meanwhile, I’m worse off today than yesterday so my parents generously took Brennan for the weekend so we could rest and hopefully keep him from catching this stuff, too. They kindly provided us with dinner and while sympathetic, happily took our boy to their home, which will be much more fun and interactive for him. When he saw Pops, he gave him a big wave ‘hello’ and once in his arms, waved ‘goodbye’ to us. Yeah, I see how it is.

So here are a few things you should check out in the coming days as you sit in front of the television watching some football. FOOTBALL! When I think of football, I think of this picture.

It was taken a year ago.

picture 044

We wore the same things today but didn’t snap a photo. I think you’ll thank me for that. The boy was just as cute, if not cuter, but I’d make your eyes sore.

Ok, for the things you should check out and consider:

  • On the sidebar to the right, I’ve had the Compassion banner advertising the bloggers trip to Guatemala for quite awhile, and the time has finally come for the team to go! They leave next Wednesday the 8th. You can read about their trip and encourage them here. I am really excited for them and know they will be a tremendous blessing to their sponsor children. How cool is it that they can meet in person!? And without a doubt, the team will come back tremendously blessed, too. And changed. I highly encourage you to take the time to read their posts about this trip, to pray for the team, and to pray for the children in Guatemala who still need sponsors.


  • Have you read or heard of the book Radical by David Platt? The subtitle is “Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream”. My friend, Marla, is putting together an online book club that will read through this book starting Tuesday the 7th. If you want to join us, do! It’s not too late. All you need is a book, and you can read more about the online discussion here. I’ve read the first chapter and interestingly enough, the parallels between A Voice in the Wind that I wrote about in my last post and Platt’s book are striking. The same sorts of things I wrestled with in Francine Rivers’ book of fiction are the ones that I already know I’ll be faced with in Radical. I see a theme. I’m not sure I like it. But I know it’s not a coincidence, and I want and need my heart and ears to be open to what the Lord wants to do, even if it’s got me squirming and grimacing and crying in my granola.


  • A year before Spicy Magnolia was birthed, Matt and I were co-authors of a blog called Inkpots. I use the word “co-authors” loosely <grin>. It was hosted by a free blog service that is now closing and they provided a way for me to import the year’s worth of posts to Spicy Magnolia. If you want to peruse the archives, the dates range from April 2007-May 2008. On the left sidebar, you can scroll down to “Archives” and browse through some of the dates. What a year it was! Two of our siblings got married; Matt turned 30; I traveled to South Asia; my college roommate was killed in a car accident; I became a full-time puppy mommy; I had an unwelcomed friend named “Darth Vader”. What a mixed bag! One of the more interesting posts that people still talk about was “The Spree of All Sprees”. It was one of my favorites and you might like it, too <grin>.

Hope you have a nice Labor Day weekend!




Great blog! Hope you all feel better SOON!
Take care!

I almost peed my pants when I looked through your archives and saw the Staff Fun Day post with the "videos" we made.

Thank you, Jessica! It's good to hear from you and hope you're having a nice Labor Day weekend. :)

I'm so excited about the Compassion trip and the Radical Read-Along. I love that they're kicking off at the same time. I'm excited to hear what God has planned for you in these next few weeks... Love you!

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