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Five Minute Friday: Motherhood Should Come With…

Mother’s Day for me this year has been about the bed and sleep. Our brunch plans: canceled. Church: skipped. The precious boy who made me a mommy: in the arms of his Daddy running around, laughing half of the time and whining the other half. Matt’s gift to me this weekend has been quiet time to myself to rest, read, blog…whatever suits my fancy. The majority of the time has been spent sleeping blissfully, the kind of sleep I didn’t have the past few days being up through the night with a sick boy.

Let me take one moment to remind all you mothers out there to keep an extra bag of clothes for you and your kid(dos) in the trunk of your car at all times. One day, when you least expect it, it will pay off. Fortunately, I had a bag of dirty clothes in our car from spending a few days in San Antonio with my Momma last week because Brennan surprised me with an overwhelming amount of vomit…twice…projected onto both me and him while at the doctor’s office on Friday. Those extra clothes came in mighty handy that afternoon.

It’s Sunday, not Friday. But I’ve been mulling over in my mind The Gypsy Mama’s “Five Minute Friday” topic with the hope of catching five minutes to simply “throw caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write,” as Lisa-Jo put it. So here it goes.

Motherhood should come with…


“Go-go gadget” arms. And it might be bizarre looking, but it would be helpful to have the option to have an additional hands that can pop out whenever needed. Extra measures of patience. Bottles of energy that you can extract from your own child that you can drink for yourself when you need the extra boost. The ability to extend time when you need to get something done. The ability to move at the speed of light to get things done, or even better, the power to get something done at the blink of an eye like in I Dream of Jeannie. The ability to freeze time in those savory moments you don’t want to pass but let linger for as long as possible.

It would be nice to have a manual. I’m sure every momma would say that. A manual explicitly for your child. A manual that provides the best, Truthful ways of how to explain all sorts of things in life from the birds and the bees to character to financial matters. With a good amount of humor to go along with it.It would be nice to be able to stay up as late as you needed, or get up in the middle of the night, without the repercussions of being tired.

Definitely needed would be an extra measure of discernment and insight into your child’s heart: what makes him tick, the ways he feels most loved, the ways he’d respond best to your shepherding and discipline. 

There’s part of me that would like a shield around my heart so I wouldn’t have to potently feel like it’s walking around outside my body, so vulnerable, so open to the potential hurt and pain that can come with having a child. But the shield would only keep me from feeling, from feeling deep and wide all that is meant to be felt as a mother.

And well, doesn’t it somehow give me more insight into how the Father feels about His very own children?



Check out what else motherhood should come with over at The Gypsy Mama. There’s some great insight!

Whether a momma or not, those of you women reading are precious and loved and have particular gifts to offer those around you. You are a valuable blessing, and I am glad you’re here reading. May this day be a delightful day for each of you, particularly you ladies out there with whom I have the delight in sharing the gift of womanhood.

Simply trusting,



I want the stretchable arms that the Incredibles Mom has, now those arms would be perfect.

Enjoy your rest! Hope you are protected from the virus. Love that picture. Looking forward to seeing you around this week!

That picture makes my heart ache. So sweet. Glad you got some rest, sweet Megs. I love you!

That was great! And I am so sorry you have had a sick baby!

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