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The Lord's Prayer: A Child's Version




Hello Daddy!

We want to know you.

And be close to you.

Please show us how.

Make everything in the world right again.

And in our hearts, too.

Do what is best—just like you do in heaven,

And please do it down here, too.

Please give us everything we need today.

Forgive us for doing wrong, for hurting you.

Forgive us just as we forgive other people

when they hurt us.

Rescue us! We need you.

We don’t want to keep running away

and hiding from you.

Keep us safe from our enemies.

You’re strong, God.

You can do whatever you want.

You are in charge.

Now and forever and for always!

We think you’re great!


Yes we do!



This is a paraphrase of The Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6 found in The Jesus Storybook Bible written by Sally Lloyd-Jones. This is my favorite children’s Bible to read along with Brennan. I was struck by the paraphrase when we read it together last week: its simplicity, the fondness found between the child and his Daddy, the dependence of the child upon the Father, the humility. I gained a fresh perspective of this prayer I’ve been praying for years from reading it through the eyes of a child.


I absolutely loved this!!!

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