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Latest Happenings in Picture Form

There are a few memorable moments captured on film I want to remember, and maybe, just maybe, you’d like to see a few of our latest happenings.

Way back in May, these two precious gals, Cassie and Leah, threw me a surprise baby shower at one of my favorite restaurants, Z Tejas. It was so much fun and very yummy! I never anticipated having a closet full of girl clothes before Skittles’ birth. What a gift to have a colorful and girly assortment of clothes ready to go. Matt’s gotta lot of work cut out for him learning how to dress her in the appropriate, matching clothes.


Skittles Baby Shower

I dipped my toes in the world of bows, and it is quite the world! I had no idea where to start and it was overwhelming. Every website was a whirlwind of complicated choices. I found a sweet bow maker on Etsy who took the time to answer my long list of questions; I was grateful for her response of instruction and advice. She also makes some great bows! Kelly also posted another wonderful website that sells $1 bows, so I took advantage of the deal and purchased a variety of colors and sizes. Receiving these bows in the mail was the first reality check that we are having a girl, and I got super giddy about it.



I mentioned in this post about Brennan’s love for muffins. This was our breakfast picnic to the park the next morning with the blueberry muffins. He’s a pretty cute date.


We have no words <grin>.


In late June, I spent a few days in San Antonio with my momma while my boys enjoyed bonding. Brennan varies his role-playing between Woody and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger, but consistently, I have the pleasure of being his “Jessie girl”.


I once again had my socks blessed off my feet when these two ladies, Sabra and Jan, from our church small group, asked me earlier this month if they could co-host a dessert baby shower for me with a few of our small group and Bible study ladies. It was a lovely evening, and the first of four very full nights out in a row.


My second night out was with these two boys at a Round Rock Express baseball game. I love them so!


The third night out was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for my good friend, Lizzie. She was gettin’ hitched and it was quite the celebration for this precious lady in waiting!

I was honored to be a bridesmaid and the weekend was full of wedding festivities. Let me bless you with a picturesque moment of me fanning myself trying to stay cool the night of the wedding (note the strategic fan placement on the armpits). I won’t gross you out with the details of the sweat I felt dripping down my arms and legs at the altar. Oh no, that wouldn’t be lady-like.


A glimpse at the wedding party getting ready to pose for a picture. My picture taking that night was pretty limited, but I mostly wanted to show you how beautiful the bride was! For some more great shots of the stunning girl, check out Rosanna’s blog.


This man. This man is something else. He stood by my side the entire afternoon and evening, making sure I was ok and drinking enough water. His eye was the only one I wanted to catch standing up at the altar.


We’re nearing the end folks. I’m just about 38 weeks. After Mees’ visit last Thursday, Brennan’s wish to “go to Mees’ house,” that he’s been requesting for the last two months came to fruition when he gallivanted off with her without looking back. I gladly received the big hug and, “I love you, Momma,” before he left though. He has since not taken much time to talk to me on the phone other than the, “No, no want to go home”, and the “I moving to Mees’ house.” I’m anticipating the need for a full Mees detox when he returns.

Matt and I gratefully received the long weekend to ourselves to enjoy extra sleep and to get a jumpstart on major house cleaning, the last big thing to accomplish on our to-do list.

Despite my doctor telling me I will likely go the full 40 weeks (if not longer like I did with Brennan), because my certain measurable birthing body part is the only rock solid part of my body, these intense Braxton Hicks contractions are somethin’ else. Surely they’re doin’ something, right?!

Please ignore the deodorant marks on the bottom of my shirt. Classy, huh?


Hope y’all had a great weekend!

Simply trusting,



You are a gorgeous bridesmaid and a gorgeous 38 weeker!

You look great!

you look great Meg! I am afraid you are in this for a long haul ;) and you looked so great at the wedding! beautiful!! I love your humor in the sweaty situation ;)

Look at you Girl - you are glowing!!!! You are almost there - can't wait to meet your precious baby girl!

I haven't seen anyone look that great at 38 weeks before! I always look horrible! You look good girl and have been taking care of yourself! Happy Baby Girl!

Looking great Megs! Can't wait to see that sweet baby girl!

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