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No, it’s not Friday, it’s Monday. But I wanted to post this last Friday and make this theme a mainstay for Fridays every now and then. And posting pictures of my angels makes it feel more like Friday. Here are some of my favorite ‘fotos’ over the last two weeks.

Kensington has such dark, blue eyes, they almost look either dark brown or black.


I quickly snapped this for my Daddy, and while there is a lot of busyness in the picture, if you focus on their faces, you’ll notice they’re gazing admirably at each other.


I didn’t think I’d be a fan of big bows, but oh, they’re a lot of fun! Many of the pictures are to savor the cute outfits in which I’m dressing my doll.


Matt took this. I’m not sure what Brennan is saying, but I love his bed head. Thankfully, Kensington can sleep through anything, including her brother’s hugs and kisses.


The first and only picture thus far of me and my children (besides in the hospital). This was taken before a Round Rock Express baseball game that Matt and Brennan went to together. Brennan is holding a bag of cookies to take as a small dessert. We’re having to curb the “Cookie Monster” style of eating around our home ever since Sesame Street has been a regular viewing favorite.

Even at four weeks old, Kensington can still wear this cute newborn outfit that our friends, Sara and Abby, shared with her. I am conscious of the fact that my daughter is dressing better than I. Maybe I’ll ask for a shopping spree for Christmas <grin>.


My angel boy is very into baseball right now. Since I’m not a huge lover of the sport, I’m thrilled that football season is starting this week to expand his horizons <grin>. In fact, we might take him to his first live football game this Friday.


He loves Spike, the Express mascot, and even had a real baseball given to him by a kind usher autographed by Spike.


She is pure sweetness.


Hangin’ out at the pool with me and Brennan.


Thanks to Aunt Melissa for this adorable tutu dress Kensington wore to her debut at church yesterday! Thankfully, the HUGE diaper explosion that occurred while Skyping with Mac and Julie last night didn’t stain her dress, because I hope to dress her in it as much as possible.


And the photo that trumps all others the last two weeks:


Hope y’all are having a good Monday!

Simply trusting,



I LOVE the bows. And I like the girly frog outfit too...we like frogs at our house :) Cute pics!

I agree...I LOVE the last photo! I love looking at those precious little hands holding onto Kensington...such a wonderful picture....although I loved each one :). I like the idea of Friday picture day...

Awh they are both so precious! She looks just like Brennan! I remember with Aurora I took a picture of here in every single new outfit because she just always looked so adorable to me...LOL.
Looks like you are able to have some fun despite the stress of figuring out how to work with two!

awwww soooo precious! great photos!! that last one is a wow! not easy to do, I know! :) We are excited about football starting up too! and I cant wait to take Alex to a high school game too! oh, and dont worry, Ellie dresses way better than I do :)

Meg! Kenzie looks adorable in the Tu Tu! That is definitely her Sunday best! I'm sure she got a lot of compliments on that and all her cute outfits! Your girl has style ;)

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