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Favorite Fotos Friday



Last weekend all four of us ventured up to Ft. Worth for my cousin’s wedding. It’s the first time we braved staying in a hotel room with both kiddos. The black circles under my eyes were a dead giveaway as to the late nights we spent partying (ha!) and the outcome of being in a hotel room all together.

Pops came into town for the festive occasion, and he confessed that one of his highlights was getting to hold and walk this girlfriend.


There is a tiny boy on planet earth who is crazy, head-over-heels, in love with his uncle and aunt (who are officially home owners…whoop!!). One of the main reasons we didn’t get any sleep is because this aforementioned boy (who shall remain nameless <grin>) wanted to be up every waking moment to play and/or watch Secretariat with Uncle Mackie and Aunt Joooolie.


All dressed up before the blessed event. The kiddos stayed back and were loved on by Matt’s aunt and cousin who generously watched them for the evening.


I now have two delights who join me in the kitchen while I cook, or in this case, bake pumpkin bread (a timeless treat in our family).


On Wednesday, Matt treated Brennan to a “morning at Daddy’s work”.


Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work they go!


Brennan got to meet all of Matt’s “friends”, and who wouldn’t Brennan make his own friend when hot chocolate (also known as “coffee”) and donuts are involved.


Brennan is still chattin’ up a storm about this memorable outing.


Y’all, Matt is going away on a small men’s retreat this weekend, and I have both kiddos to myself. I think a party is in order so I can score some points with these two munchkins I oversee. Maybe a pumpkin patch? Or a soccer game? Some frozen yogurt, burgers and fries? A movie and some football watchin’?

What do y’all like to do when the cat’s away <grin>?

Simply trusting,



Awh such great pictures! She looks just like Brennan! When my husband is out of town, we do some wacky things...dessert or breakfast for dinner, campout in the living room and watch a movie, stuff like that! Enjoy!

Love all of Kensie's outfits. Your dress turned out great. Glad it was a fun weekend. Let us know if you need any help this weekend.

cute pics! when the cat is away I cry:) just kidding, but close:) I pray for lots of grace. I usually take the kids to the park or over to my parents for dinner. maybe a trip through the drive thru and a movie too.

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