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Tonight was a special night of firsts for our little girl. She had her very first Daddy-Daughter date with Matt! I got her dressed up in her Sunday best this morning, knowing the high risk I was taking by putting her dress on eight hours before her date. Poop and spit up have a way of intuitively knowing the most inconvenient time and garment to make a surprise appearance. Selfishly though, I wanted to enjoy my doll in her first smocked dress, courtesy of Mees. She looked beautiful!


Matt pulled up at 5:30 p.m. sharp to sweep his girl away on their date to a park. I noticed a colorful assortment of blossoms in his lap as he drove into the garage. I thought, “Awww, how sweet. He brought me flowers.” But then the light bulb went off in my head, triggering the emotional side of my brain sending waves of affection through my heart, thereby activating my Lacrimal Glands that resulted in eyes filled with tears.

Speaking as a Daddy’s girl showered with love throughout my days, I can attest to how blessed Kensington Jane is that her Daddy brings her flowers, gorgeous flowers, as a gift that will remind her of her treasured-ness. Off the two went to share sweet moments that mark, what will hopefully be, the first of many prized memories shared between just the two of them.


While my man and my girl were out on the town, I had one-on-one time, which I’d been craving, with this boy:


While we munched on our dinner, I started a get-to-know-you game by asking what his favorite was between “this or that”. At 33 months old, these were his answers:

Blue or yellow? Blue

Pizza or hot dogs? Pizza

Baseball or football? Football

What’s your favorite book? Toy Story

What’s your favorite song? With a huge grin, “Michael Buble”. (His I Just Haven’t Met You Yet song)

Throwing or kicking? Kicking

Green or purple? Purple

Cookies or ice cream? Cookies

Swimming or soccer? Swimming

Crayons or markers? Crayons

Paints or stamps? Stamps

Strawberries or blueberries? Blueberries

Ham or turkey? Ham

Chalk or stickers? Stickers

Pumpkin bread or banana bread? Banana Bread (His answer greatly surprised me, so I asked, “Really? Have you even eaten banana bread?” With a chuckle, Brennan responded, “No.”)

Pie or cake? Cake

Dolphin or whale? Whale

Cat or dog? Dog

Tomato or guacamole? Tomato

Carrot or Broccoli? Carrot

What’s your favorite movie? Dolphins (I’m not sure to what he’s referring except that I told him that he and I would be going on a date soon to see a movie about a dolphin <grin>.)

Buzz or Woody? Buzz (To which I breathed a sigh of relief since he’s incessantly calling himself “Buzz” and has a Buzz costume for this weekend.)

Cows or horses? Horses

Kisses or hugs? Kisses

For kicks twenty minutes later, I asked him again, “Kisses or hugs?” The second time around, he answered, “Hugs”, while wrapping his lengthy arms around my torso and gently patting my back with his hands. It’s a good thing he likes both, because he got a good dose of the pair! He was all smiles. And so was his Momma.

Simply trusting,



Such a sweet tradition! Also, tell B I know a state with some good ham :)

Meg! That is so precious! It is amazing how they start liking things at such a young age!! I love it!

Awh these are precious times!!!

just too much sweetness in one post meg! grinning with joy for you! :)

Such a fun evening! She looked beautiful! Interview with Brennan is priceless!

a beautiful tradition and memory! also, love the question list you gave your son. good job, mama!

Oh, what valuable memories you parents are establishing with your children. Thank you for allowing us to participate in them through your blog. JDP

What a cutie pie for date nite with hand
some Daddy & beautiful flowers! So sweet! And fun ?'s with Brennan--good taste in music & soak up all the hugs & kisses!

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