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Y’all, I have so much to write about and pictures to share! For weeks I have kept a running list of things to blog about and/or links to share. For tonight, I’m gonna go with the random link love. There just might be a few nibbles of interest or encouragement here or there on which you can chew.

There are a number of items that fall under the category of “ordinary significance” that have deeply met my soul’s need for encouragement as it pertains to purpose, importance, and my fear of insignificance. It’s obviously a theme God wants to hone in on at the moment. First up is an excerpt from Lisa Broscious Beamer’s commencement address to Wheaton College, my alma mater. Lisa is most widely known for her book published after 9/11 called Let’s Roll! Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage (I recommend it highly). Her husband, Todd, died heroically in the September 11 terrorist attacks.

In the latest of edition of Wheaton Magazine, an abridgement of Lisa’s speech was published. I loved the following:

We live in a world teeming with all sorts of opportunities, macro and micro, dramatic and subtle! He (God) asks that we wash the “least of these” in His love. That we proactively look in dark corners and behind closed doors for people who are wounded and abandoned. That we not be ignorant of His children who are poor and hungry. That we act as instruments to restore damaged relationships. That we be unusual in the value we place on each and every soul that He’s created. That we wake up the complacent as we radically care for neighbors and strangers alike. That we bring the Good News of peace and salvation to all layers of humanity.

So, as you wake up tomorrow, don’t be dismayed to find your life turn ordinary soon enough. When you realize that today is kind of similar to yesterday and a bit like tomorrow, ask yourself who is becoming whole again on your watch, what is being healed through your influence, how is God redeeming His creation by way of your life? Your good answers will surely be the mark of significance even in an ordinary life.

Good stuff, huh?

Also along the lines of “ordinary significance” is a post by Rod Dreher called “Steve Jobs or Coach Eric Taylor?” We all know who Steve Jobs is. But for those of you who don’t know who Coach Eric Taylor is, well, he has been a new-found love in my life, thanks to Mac and Julie who introduced me to Friday Night Lights, of which Coach Taylor is the lead character. It was a fabulous television series I devoured. Instilling courage and being an example of availability and trust to those in need, Coach Taylor’s character was a role-model for all of us ordinary folk, making him extraordinary. The post gives a great portrayal of how such lives can have a deep impact.

This post, “This is Your Daughter Speaking”, is incredibly moving and powerful for us parents who wonder if we’re actually making a difference in our children’s lives despite the amount of love, sweat, and tears we sacrifice. It’s a must-read post for any parent, regardless of the part of the journey of parenthood that you’re on, and I’ve bookmarked it (aka “pinned it”) on Pinterest <grin>.

Allrighty then, moving right along: Compassion Bloggers!! They have hit the ground running on another trip, this time to Ecuador. As I type, they are pouring out their hearts through the written word in posts that will be published tonight about their first day. You can follow their publications here. Pick a few to read throughout the week and leave a comment to encourage them. Also, if you’ve ever had an inkling to sponsor a Compassion child but haven’t yet, take a few minutes to read this post of Micha’s. It might just tip you over to that final decision. It’s a pretty amazing story.

This post isn’t going to be refined and polished. I have a number of other get-to items this evening, but my hankering to post at least something was so strong I couldn’t resist. And to give you a glimpse of content forthcoming:


Whatever you set forth to do tonight: dishes, reading, trying desperately to get a child to fall asleep, chillin’ in front of a good TV show, or homework, please know I think of you and wish I could reach through the screen to give you a hug. You are loved.

Simply trusting,



He looks absolutely adorable in that costume! So cute! I also loved that letter from a daughter - thanks for sharing!

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