We Made It

A Heart Stealer

Baby girl, in addition to the months you rapidly add to your life as you grow, the joy and delight you bring to our family also increases by leaps and bounds!

On December 29th, you turned five months old. That fifth month of your life was packed full of adventure, discovery, special moments, and firsts. Here’s a peak at what that month held for you:


Lots and lots of PJ days! You and Brennan were sick 3/4 of the month, and you occasionally joined Mr. Brennan for movie time.


You picked out your first Christmas tree, Filbert.


The jumper became one of your favorite play time activities, and has since contributed to you being quite the mover and shaker when we’re holding you. Brennan wanted to share his hat with you here.


Starbucks runs on Thursday mornings were our continued hang out spot before moving onto our special corner at Brennan’s school where we play before picking him up. You still take two short cat naps in the morning and a long one (2 hours) in the afternoon. I obviously enjoy holding you for some of your cat naps, and Daddy loves you sleeping on his chest for naps, too.

As a note, our Starbucks time is coming to an end because you are on the move: wanting to discover, play, touch things, learn, be active. You are full of life and zest!


A brand new adventure took you to see a live Bethlehem reenactment on your first train ride!


You watched your first Denver Broncos win (yeah, Tebow!) at BJ’s.




Your big brother thinks you come quite handy as a pack horse, and you had the privilege of witnessing Brennan’s first ever school Christmas program. You think he’s pretty cool.


Some other discoveries and developments include: grabbing for toys and passing them back and forth between your hands; the use of your tongue and lips to make all sorts of sounds; the recognition of your name; the fun times your toes can bring you!


You experienced your first really cold winter day. Well, it really wasn’t as cold as this picture alludes, but by Austin standards, it was pretty cold. And your Daddy takes extra care in making sure you’re bundled up nice and warm.





You celebrated your very first Christmas at Pops and Mees’ with Uncle Mac and Aunt Julie, too! Your brother made sure you felt special and would bring you your presents and help you open them. He’d also show you how to play with them.

(I have to throw in that last picture of Christmas morning to show our Internet peeps how much I goofed on your Christmas PJs this year! It’s a tradition for our family to open one present on Christmas Eve, and it’s always a set of PJs. Since being a momma, I’ve wanted to buy my kiddos their PJs and well, look how it turned out. Kensington wore a six month one-piece but it ended up being way too short, and I ordered 5-6 size for Brennan, thinking it was the same as 5T. Obviously looking at how we tried to roll the pants up 80’s style, I was dead wrong. He can wear them for years to come! It’s taking every bit of will power in my Momma to keep her from snatching the responsibility of buying Christmas PJs for my kiddos, too!)


You’ll never outgrow this hat, right?!


You’re discovering your love for puppies!


You continue to be quite the buddy to your big brother, watching him incessantly and admirably! And oh, how he makes you laugh. Your all’s bath times together are hilarious. We have a number of videos as family treasures of your giggles, which seemingly come effortlessly for you. Just about anything can spur on those heavenly sounds. You are undoubtedly a very happy, content and easy-going baby. One of my favorite times of the day is to get you from your crib after waking up because you’re so smiley. Only when you get really tired do you turn into our little punkin’.


You had your first taste of playing in fall leaves, albeit a very delayed one.


You had quality Popsie time before he headed back to Florida.

You are also on your way to being a big Daddy’s girl! The way you light up when he comes into view melts this own Daddy-girl’s heart.


There’s no doubt about it: you have stolen our hearts, Kensie Jane!


Adorable, pictures.

Awh she is just precious!! My favorite pic is the one where she is watching Brennan's board game so intently. Don't the brother and sister moments melt your heart?!?

Such a sweet girl. Loved reading about her 5th month! She's adorable.

I love the recalling of memorable moments. Precious little one......precious family!! xo

thats some serious cuteness!! cant believe she is so big! love the grabbing the toes- quite the talent :)and all the fun sibling shots- best is the tree with hands on cheeks!! :)

So sweet! Love the pic in the crib!

So precious!! Love your blog...so happy I found it!

Meghan, LOVE this post. I can't believe our babies are just growing so quickly. I'm going to do my best about leaving actual comments and coming and checking in on your two cuties. You have been such an encouragement thru twitter and the blog.

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