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We Have Ourselves A Walker

This video was taken a little over a week ago, a couple of days after Kensie Jane took her first steps (at 14.5 months). It's one of my all-time favorite videos. If you can overlook my loud laugh, a few of you who might enjoy it, too <grin>. Kensie still prefers to hold our hands while she walks, but this past weekend at my Momma's, she took off and is feeling much more confident!


Kensie walking to Brennan from Meg @ Spicy Magnolia on Vimeo.

Hope y'all have a great week!


this is so adorable! I love how Kensie totally "gets" the game -- even holding her arms out to her brother (and letting him tackle her to the ground)! Oh, these moments are so precious!

Yea, Kensie! No stopping you now!

So cute!

I love the penguin walk, every little one does and it is so adorable.

this just fills my heart with such joy!! may they both always have each other's backs and may they also look to each other and point to Christ!!! I love b as a big brother!!!

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