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Jumping on the Bandwagon

Whenever I’m able to sneak in a moment to read a blog, Micha’s is one of them, particularly her “Thankful Tuesday” posts because I love how they provide a glimpse into her everyday life. And I’m looking for a way to somehow consistently post about our own, so I’m going to bedazzle you with my copycat skills and jump on the “Thankful Tuesday” bandwagon. Knowing my track record, it might end up being “Thankful Friday” or something I post every other week, but here’s to a solid start effort.

  • Hands down I’m thankful for Matt who, even after staying up a solid straight 24.5 hours for work, sent me on my merry way to Georgia while he stayed home for four days with the kids. He did a splendid job, even mastering Kensie’s pigtails. AND he cleaned the fish tank. That skyrocketed his points off the charts in my book.
  • I’m crazy blessed by this boy who still thinks every beautiful flower he sees is one that should be picked for his momma, even if it came from our very own garden.


  • Time with loved ones is always a gift. Time with loved ones who are getting ready to move overseas is all the more dear. So my four days in Georgia with my friend, Corrie, and her three children were precious to me. Her husband was house-hunting in their soon-to-be new city, and I had the privilege of keeping her company and lending a small helping hand. Friends like her who speak Truth when you need to hear it are hard to come by and very necessary. I’ll have to share some stories about Corrie in the near future; in the fourteen years I’ve known her we’ve collected some doozies.

I’m “Auntie Eggs” (aka Auntie Megs)


Precious baby Lucy. There’s nothing like holding a newborn. And no, although she’s incredibly irresistible, it did not make me long for another baby.


  • Thirty-six years of marriage is something worth rejoicing over! On this day that marks my parents’ anniversary it is absolutely worth giving God a shout-out for His goodness and mercy!
  • We are two days shy of making it to March 1st, a HUGE mile-marker for my niece and nephew. It’s been our hope and prayer they’d stay put for at least this long (their due date is April 23rd, but it’s been a rough haul), and I’m so thankful that they’ve held tight this long!
  • It’s a blessing to have fun phones to receive pictures like this when I’m far away and not able to snatch them up and give them kisses.


  • I’m incredibly thankful my children have a daddy who thoroughly enjoys being with them! Here are some of Matt’s and Kensie’s adventures last Thursday while Brennan was at school.


  • Despite the crazy timing of my little girl only wanting her mommy right before I left and having a fit otherwise, I sure loved the additional snuggles before bedtime.
  • I’m thankful for him, for his innocence, his zest for life, his carefree spirit that will jump at any opportunity to wear his rain boots.


  • Friends. I’m so grateful for the friends my kids play with, for their moms I love, for the life-long friends far away to whom I can text at night just to say ‘hi’.

In deep appreciation for this new day and the One who gives me breath,

“Auntie Eggs”


Loved getting to catch up with you via Thankful Tuesday, Meghan! And so good to see pics of your little guys. Thanks for giving me the chance. As always, we're missing our church family in Austin.

Much love!

Loved getting to catch up with you via Thankful Tuesday, Meghan! And so good to see your little guys. Thanks for the chance. As always, we're missing our church family in Austin.

Much love,

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