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On January 16th, our little guy suddenly shed the toddler skin he’s lived in for the past few years and put on an older version of himself as he turned four. Three days later, Matt turned 35. It was fairly nauseating to us both when we realized Matt’s just as many years away from turning 50 as he is close to being 20. Where did the years go?!

A week before Brennan’s birthday party, the first one we’ve thrown that included a bunch of his buddies, we received a call from the venue saying they permanently closed and our party was cancelled. Nothing like a little scrambling at the last minute! Thankfully, we found a new place I think was even better than our original.

Brennan’s birthday celebration included a lunch date with me and Kensie Jane at his school (one of my favorite things to do once a month), and a birthday snack time with cupcakes and a party hat.


Kensie makes herself quite at home at Brennan’s school. She heads straight to his classroom and sits in a chair belonging to a girl named Kinley, usually with her big brother’s lunch box in hand that she carries in for him.


Tuesday, the day before Brennan’s big day, left me breathless. I was out of the house by 6:30 a.m. going to and from downtown twice for meetings; made it in time for Brennan’s lunch; ran to Target and swung back just in the nick of time to sing “Happy Birthday” and drop off cupcakes at his school. And that was all before naptime and the long list of to-dos before his actual day. All to say, it was a no-brainer when Matt chose to continue the celebrating by going out to eat that night. Mighty Fine was the destination of choice.

My birthday boys. My loves.


I woke up bright and early on the 16th to make homemade pumpkin pancakes in honor of the birthday boy, which oddly, he didn’t like.


But he was thrilled over his first visitors of the day: Mees and Dapples who had hot chocolate and presents in tow.


We met Matt for lunch at Chick fil A and went home for a brief rest time before the birthday party at Pump It Up.

Kensie would have been content just playing with her big brother.


I thought Pump It Up and the staff did an incredible job of organizing the event, taking care of our party guests, and making it a lot of fun for the kids. The kids seemed to have a great time, and I enjoyed visiting with the parents. We were incredibly blessed by our friends who came to love and celebrate Brennan!





The little guy thoroughly enjoyed his party! To this day, Matt and I still talk about that afternoon and what fun it was. For days afterward, my heart swelled with much joy and thanksgiving over all the support we had from friends and how it was more wonderful than we could imagine.

We wrapped up his grand day with chicken burritos at home with Mees by our side.

At his four year appointment, Brennan was in the 95th percentile for both weight and height, measuring 44 lbs. and 43 in. tall.

The following week, Matt took Brennan to the Harlem Globetrotters for a little father-son outing for the birthday boys.


I got a day’s reprieve after Brennan’s birthday before we were onto the next birthday boy’s special day. It was mostly low-key and simple. His main present was a ski trip to Colorado with his good pal, Eric, a few weeks later. IMG_5217

But the kids and I still did it up right with homemade party decorations, sleeping in, time together, some savory treats, and one of his favorite meals.

When I asked Brennan what he wanted to get his Daddy for a present he said, “A sword,” which happened to be the exact same thing Brennan received recently as a party favor. But that’s just what we got Matt: a sword. Now both boys entangle in dual-wielding.

Turns out that Brennan could work on a cutting project for a really long time! He loves to use his scissors. We made the party rings hanging from the chandelier.


Happy Birthday, Daddy!


The night of Matt’s birthday we had chicken Florentine, a wild rice medley, and his new favorite dessert: Death by Chocolate. Both Friday and Saturday nights we watched some good action/adventure movies while cuddling on the couch. I’m sure I dozed through most of them, out of exhaustion not boredom.


I’m not gonna lie, I woke up Sunday morning breathing a sigh of relief I made it through the November-January craziness intact (mostly). And I don’t think I got up from the couch Sunday afternoon <grin>.

I love you, my birthday boys! You make life so much fun!



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