Five Minute Friday: Remember
Easter Blessings

Meet Anubhov

On this Tuesday of Holy Week, I want to introduce you to someone I’d like you to meet. His name is Anubhov, a three year old little boy from Bangladesh. When Matt and I first sponsored a child from Compassion shortly after Brennan was born, we chose a little girl, Rubina. After a year of sponsorship that particular Bengali Compassion location closed and we were able to sponsor another little girl, Moriyom, from another part of the country. We were thrilled a few months later when the opportunity arose to connect with Rubina again, grateful for how Compassion handled the situation and kept us abreast of what was happening in-country.

Compassion is allowing their bloggers the opportunity to choose a child in need of sponsorship to give you all the opportunity to be the ones to sponsor him or her. And so with excitement, I want to introduce you to this precious boy, Anubhov.

Many of you may already sponsor a child from Compassion or another organization. Will you take a moment to leave a comment to share with others how it’s blessed you and your family?

We love having Rubina and Moriyom as part of our family. We regularly pray for them, show the kids their pictures, write to them, and talk about their lives and their country with Brennan and Kensington. The best part is when we receive letters from the two girls. We get to see their beautiful drawings, hear about what they’re learning, and the kids are enthralled with the Bengali script. It looks vastly different from ours!

It’s a great big world out there, and I want my kids to know about it, hopefully getting to experience it firsthand. But until that day comes, I will pursue ways to show them the precious people that live beyond these borders of ours. Some of those ways present themselves in local opportunities, and another way is through Compassion sponsorship. Not only do we have the blessing of giving to children in need, but more so we are given the gift of relationship.

There is no pressure or obligation to do this, and Compassion isn’t giving me anything for writing this. But maybe you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to sponsor a child and this could be that time. Click here to see Anubhov. Ask the Lord and see what He says.

Many blessings to you and yours this Holy Week!



I have loved having the opportunity to sponsor children through World Vision, and I'm such a big believer in the child sponsorship programs that they, Compassion and others offer. It's so easy to tune out the hardships that people are facing around the world, but when you look at a picture of someone who's directly benefiting from your support and you see the letters and drawings they've sent, you can't help but engage. I also love the idea of sponsoring a child as a family, a youth group, etc.

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