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My Daughter at Two

My dearest girl. You turned two on Monday the 29th. I think a majority of mothers' bewilderment comes from the realization that time is not very merciful. One day I go from holding your tiny self in my arms, stroking your bald head and wondering when you'll grow some hair, to realizing that another year has past right before my eyes. And yes, the most physical difference to note is that you now have hair, beautiful blonde locks.

Earlier this month, you had your first haircut for a little trim to even things up. Like with many new experiences, you didn't even wince.

IMG 4470

Thanks to your good friend, Haddie, who shows you how to enjoy all things girl, one of your favorite things to do is play beautician.

IMG 4478

Any way you can figure out how to wear my jewelry, you will.

IMG 4459

It didn't take you long to discover the rewards of helping in the kitchen: taste-tests. Usually after your nap, the place you most often want to be set is on the kitchen counter while I prep dinner or other tasty treats.



You are full of spunk, beating to your own drum oh, so well. 

IMG 5377

IMG 4465

If you could have your way, you would lead me by the hand to show me different things all day. We'd have a tea party for a few minutes, then you'd grab my hand and lead me to the coloring books for a few minutes. Then you'd lead me again to play with your baby doll. It would be a constant, non-stop cycle. Hand in hand.

A nurturer by heart, you take incredible care of your baby doll: feeding, diaper changing, hugging her. You try feeding Molly at all times of day, and faithfully lead me by hand to sit next to Molly to give her kisses.

IMG 5540 

IMG 5608

"No" is your most favorite and frequent word. You are a master at sound and tonal mimicking, not so much actual words yet. You have a handful, but even still, the average passerby wouldn't be able to tell what you're saying. If I ever have trouble, Brennan is quick to jump in and say, "No, Momma, she said ______." He's your best translator. Whenever we ask you to say a word, you play coy, shake your head and say, "No" with a big grin on your face. It's a game to you. A "playing hard to get" game. I foresee many a boy being affected by such a game.

Legos: one of your favorite toys.

Daddy roared with laughter one night when I hit the nail on the head when it comes to your eating. We figured that Brennan eats like Daddy: he'll eat anything and everything. You eat like me: you want just the stuff that's good and tasty and bad for you, particularly comfort food like cheese. You eat based upon your mood. Mexican is by far your favorite food type. And avocados are the only thing green we can get you to eat. You'll easily spot a green pea hidden behind a bite of chicken and pull it off the fork.

A smile to you means scrunching your nose.

IMG 6022

I can't say it enough: you love your brother! Some days, you all drive me nuts and I wonder why anyone would want to be a referee. But most days, I delight in hearing and watching you all play together. I pray so, so much, that you all only grow stronger and deeper in your friendship. 

IMG 6046

IMG 4561

One morning a couple of weeks ago, I spied on you and Brennan playing. This is what I found: https://vimeo.com/71389283.

In the full throes of discipline, you like to get your way and don't mind one bit turning your head the other way to ignore us. Sometimes you even add the effect of crossing your arms and looking up. You are quick, however, to (sorta) say 'sorry' and give the biggest hugs with the biggest smile. I want to be more like you in that regard.

A huge accomplishment: your first swim lessons! You're still learning to keep your mouth closed going under water, but you love swimming. Especially if it entails being tossed back and forth in the water or sitting on our shoulders while we jump up high, you are a fan.

Anything Brennan (aka "Bubba") does you want to do. I'm not just talking about if he colors, you'll color. If he's playing Legos, you'll play Legos. I'm talking about hand motions, voice inflections...the whole gamut, you are his copy-cat. I think he's the main reason you like books as much as you do: because you see him with a book all the time. 

IMG 5440

You are a Daddy's girl through and through. Oh, you love me very much, but you light up with your Daddy. And you have been known to cry and whimper "Dada" for twenty minutes because he had to run into a store without you. Unless I'd been able to pull out a bar of chocolate or cheese, there was no cheering you up.

IMG 6174

You have a confident strut that turns into some dancing if there's music in the background. 

I guess it comes from having a brother that grabs from you a lot, but you are quick to share. If someone drops something, you're there to pick it up and hand it back. If you see Brennan's water bottle lying around, you'll pick it up and take it to him. 

For the last year, you've stuck right at 90th percentile for height (35.5 in.) and 50th percentile for weight (26 lb. 12 oz.).

You love to laugh; have a terrific light-hearted sense of humor; are the most relaxed, laid-back little girl who goes with the flow.

While you're not a snuggler per-say, you love to hold hands and give hugs and gently squeeze arms. And despite how you might push my hands away at times, you're also known to grab my hands to wrap around you. You just have to be in the mood for it <grin>.

Sometimes I get so scared that I am a momma to a girl. I'm just plain old scared. Because oh, child, you could pinpoint a number of heart snag-insecurities within me in any given day that make me limp through life rather than Spirit-soar, even as it pertains to my relationship with you. I pray. For me. For you. For us.

Kensington, you're so lovely. And beautiful. And completely free to be all who you are: a little girl who has a cackle-laugh, who strut-walks with a confident arm swing and your head held high, who free falls into our arms fearlessly, who is uninhibited to try new things, and who contentedly wears the hat of second child with a brother whose boundless energy crowds out space and attention at times. I already see on you a mantle of strength, of confidence, and one who likes to encourage, to help. 

Ever so grateful to be your momma, and ever so deeply in love with you all who you are.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Love always,


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She is so cute!! Happy Birthday sweet Kensie!!

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