July. Who Needs a More Creative Title?
Our Summer Finale

The Big Birthday Bash

She's two.

For months, we've played a game with Brennan teasing him that he can't turn five years old. Kensie caught on and learned how to hold up two of her long, slender fingers to play along. During dinner, we ask each other two questions every night: What was high (favorite) part of your day and what was the low (sad) part of your day? Her answer to both questions right now: a huge grin with her two fingers held up in the air.

IMG 4557

The days leading up to her birthday, she ate off her birthday plate and we kept excitedly asking whose birthday it was. Two fingers raised was her answer. My highlight of this birthday was her recognition that it was her special day, solidly content knowing she's loved but without all the 'it's all about me' attitude. Even the way she slowly opened presents, wanting to look through each gift and take her time was indicative of her personality and also a pure, simple delight of being celebrated. 

The gathering of pink made me so happy.

IMG 4546

We had a family party for our girl. Papa and Nana made a special trip from Virginia to celebrate with us. We're so glad they were able to join us! Popsie and Mees drove in from San Antonio, and the Rutlands added lots of extra fun for the kiddos by coming, too.

Chris and Jill had an extra, free playhouse they let us give to Kensie Jane for her birthday. Matt stayed up into the wee morning hours for days putting it together. He did a great job and the little girl loves her playhouse!

IMG 2002

The most stressful part of the whole evening: these silly flowers/balloons. There was a lovely breeze, but it kept knocking over the flower bouquet when the wind caught the balloons. I was dead set on "this is the way I envisioned it." Well, holding onto something that tightly never works, does it? Eventually they ended up elsewhere.

Our grill didn't work at the last minute either. Jill and my mom saw the nervous lines all over my face. Thankfully, I only planned on grilling hot dogs for the kids and had something else for the big 'uns. 

IMG 2004 IMG 4549

We put out the slip n' slide for the kiddos (and Popsie). Ruth kindly filled tons of water balloons, and it was one of our last beautiful summer evenings before the hades of August breathed its fire upon us.

IMG 4539

IMG 4540

IMG 2011

IMG 4541

Hays and Kens are like, "Uh, what? Look at that dude."

IMG 2006

IMG 4543

Some of these once-pretty plants have already died in our 106 degree heat.

IMG 4550

Kids crazy about each other. Kids I'm crazy about.

IMG 4553

My momma made a fabulous birthday cake for her Kensie Jane! It was a homemade marble cake with delectable chocolate frosting. 

IMG 6166

Our sweet pea.

IMG 6172

IMG 6174

Our dear guests. We are so blessed!

IMG 4554

IMG 4555

Haddie-belle was so excited to give Kensie the gift she picked out for her: princess hair accessories and supplies...

IMG 6183

Kensie played with it all night and has ever since.

IMG 6191

Sunday, the 28th at church. What a sight to look down our row with both sets of our parents and our kids gathered together in Jesus' Name. I got to go up with my girl and my Daddy, whose birthday was the 25th, for their birthday prayers. A moment you think your heart could just burst with joy and gratitude. 

IMG 2024

My parents had to head back to San Antonio, and the rest of us grabbed a birthday brunch at Chez Zee. 

We got a family picture taken!

IMG 6198

This kiddo had such fun celebrating his sister. And he's become quite the colorer.

IMG 4559

IMG 4561

She's ready to go to Hawaii.

IMG 2033

On the 29th, Kensington's actual birthday, we went to the the Quarries splash pad.  We were the first to arrive and the attendee let the kids turn on the splash pad.

IMG 2037

IMG 2041

IMG 2047

We met Matt for lunch at Chick-fil-A, had a birthday dinner, and opened a few more presents.

IMG 6221

She's a chocolate fan. 

IMG 6227

Brennan gave Kensie her first backpack and lunch box. She was thrilled about them! She sees Brennan with his all the time for school and immediately knew what to do with them. She was able to use her lunch box for the first time last weekend, and she had a death grip of joy on it.

IMG 6233

Lovely tea hat and set from her Aunt Melissa and Aunt Kimberly. Uncle Tom, Jadon and Baxter were a part of this gift, too, but I think we know deep down that the idea and enthusiasm for this wonderful gift originated from her aunts who assuredly know how to throw a good party!

IMG 6236

Being the good big brother that he is, Brennan knows how to enjoy a good tea party.

IMG 4572

On our last night with Papa and Nana we got to go to Jack Allen's. We're sure glad they got to come visit! 

IMG 4574

Brennan took full advantage of having Papa here! From first thing in the morning, to right after rest time, he asked over and over again to play baseball with Papa. Papa was worn out by the time he left Austin. He left behind, however, a downcast little boy, who missed his pitcher.

Baseball with Papa from Meg @ Spicy Magnolia on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday, sweet pea!

IMG 2069


She is so cute! I love her flair! Looks like she was well celebrated. :)

Her bows just kill me every time! Love them!

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