Our Summer Finale
Welcome, Fall

What Were the Dog Days of Summer

We are in the middle of watching the second quarter of the TX A&M vs. Alabama football game, and thus, I will keep my words at a minimum. After two years of not having a television, which was an incredible and life-giving experience with rich takeaways we hope to continually put into practice, we succumbed to our desire to watch some football and the upcoming 2014 Olympics. We're still simpletons without cable, but we're having fun watching these two highly recognized teams duke it out on the field.

Some of the moments from August I want to remember:

The day Matt's folks left after celebrating Kensie's birthday, the kids enjoyed playing in Kensie's new play house outside. The heat sweltered us shortly afterward, and we haven't been out much since then.

IMG 4577

Kensie girl is a momma-at-heart. Her "Baby Lucy" is well cared for and receives diaper changes, naps, and lots of kisses.

IMG 6254

I love serving with these two ladies and the others on the Mission Team at church! We have a very special bond. Who doesn't bond over chocolate? <grin> The people I get to serve with on that team are wise, full of compassion, fun, and have a deep love for Jesus that has endured in the midst of some really hard stuff. They know He's worth it, and they radiate His beauty.

IMG 4582

Our pretty puppy turned 12 years old in August. When Mac gave her to us "temporarily", I clearly remember asking the Lord to help us take the best care of her and that we'd have her for a long, long time. I'm grateful for those answered prayers. She's grey, moves more slowly and in some pain, but she still has spunk.

IMG 4585

Baby girl isn't looking like a baby so much any more. We might move her to a big-girl bed this winter.

IMG 6256

Fish. The pool was our friend this summer.

IMG 6267

Matt took the kids to one last Round Rock Express baseball game before the season concluded. Brennan will be a RR Express baseball player for Halloween, and we toyed with the idea that Kensie would be Spike, the team's mascot. But I simply can't bring myself to dressing up my sweet little girl as a bull dog.

IMG 6268

This was an unexpected summer treat! We got to meet up with our dear friends, Oscar and Candis, and their kiddos! Oscar is my second brother, and it's quite something to see our kids playing together after our 25 years of friendship. Our visit was too brief, but I'll take any time I can get with them.

IMG 4593

Baseball has become something serious in our family. I'm afraid to pitch because Brennan hits that ball with a huge amount of force. 

IMG 4595

At this point in August, we were on our mini-vacation to Lost Pines, and upon getting back, we only had one more week of summer left!

My entourage.

IMG 4636

This was the Friday of Labor Day weekend, our last one before the Fall routine kicked in. To go out with a bang, the kids and I had a lemonade stand while people were coming home from work.  We made our posters and lemonade, loaded up the wagon, and raised $20 for Compassion through the generosity of our neighbors. It was more work than I expected because I forgot about the constant reminders it would take to wave to people, smile, hold up the signs, say 'thank you', etc... It was half draining, half invigorating. Even to this day, the kids had a blast and keep asking to do another one.

IMG 4642

We all woke up giddy for the turn of the calendar to September, the start of football season, and getting decked out in our Aggie gear. 

IMG 4651

Brennan helped Kensie learn the "Gig 'em" sign.

IMG 4649

I took Brennan on the first date we've had just the two of us since the spring. We were due! We got him a haircut, perused the bookstore, ate lunch at Chick fil A, and went to see "Planes". I thought it was going to be boring because it hasn't received much hype, but I liked it so much better than "Cars"! It was a great movie. There were take-away lessons and historical and intercultural material that made it for me. He's a pretty fun and cute date. He soaks up that alone time with me.

IMG 4655

And hello, September! You are very welcomed here.


You all were busy! It's an honor to have made it into your summer highlights! Love you all!

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