Let's Mosey Through May
The Best Summer Month

Just June

Nothing like entering an official summer month with a morning bike ride and walk in your pajamas. I’d only been away from home for 24 hours…the trip to El Paso was a whirlwind: there on Friday and back again Saturday. So we played hookie from church on Sunday, and I only stayed briefly for the last Guatemala team meeting before we sent those precious ones on their way. It was good to be home with my peeps.

IMG 7870

She is a little momma through and through.

IMG 7875

Matt likes to make hair brushing and bath time interesting in all sorts of ways. This is affectionately known as a “Peacock”.

IMG 7879

These three went swimming while I was at my meeting, but I was sure to have a yummy treat ready for them to devour when I got back home. My secret to a great batch of Rice Krispy treats: adding some milk chocolate chips! These goodies didn’t last long at all.

IMG 8359

AKA “Trouble”. One day Matt asked if I thought anyone named their dog “Trouble”, and I said, “Why, yes. Yes they do. In fact, my Gaga named her dog Troubles.” It fits him.

IMG 7882

Band of brothers.

IMG 8361

Two precious princesses. These two played together the other day, and you’d be amazed: Kensie is nearly just as tall as Ella Katie now. Our girl has grown inches in months!

IMG 8393

Trouble I say. As cute as trouble can be.

IMG 8401

What better place to take a nap than in the pantry.

IMG 8402

These two were really excited about their date! Matt took Kensington to Foodie Kids, a super-fun place kids can make their own snacks and participate in cooking classes (like the Christmas cookie decorating class Kensie took last December). 

IMG 7889

My purple cupcake lover.


And then they went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. 

June 001

While KJ and Matt went on a date, I took this little guy out for a burger and cupcake, and we did something he and I both were anticipating: school supply shopping! I know, I’m such a nerd. And I’m making my son into a nerd. He had just as much fun as I did. But I think it’s safe to say eating his cupcake was his highlight of the night.

IMG 8408

Reading and allowing your daughter to play “salon” and dress-up on you? Now that’s one amazing Daddy!

IMG 8414

This makes me so happy.

IMG 7921

Such excitement they had for finishing The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. 

IMG 7932

As Matt said, “Creamy jalapeño is best enjoyed when each person has their own bowl."

IMG 8470

We love participating in the library’s summer reading program. The kids are always eager to pick up their prizes.

IMG 8472

This was a particularly exciting library visit because Brennan got his first library card!

IMG 8475

Happy Father’s Day weekend! Aside from treating Matt to a relaxing Saturday morning with our regular holiday breakfast run at Rudy’s and Starbucks, neither he or I have any recollection of what we did Father’s Day weekend. We think we began the weekend with a Friday night pool party and swam a lot on Saturday, too <grin>. It’s a good thing we have the next couple of pictures to remember the special Sunday afternoon with Popsie who joined us for church and lunch at BJ’s while Meesie was in D.C. visiting Mac, Julie and the babies.

IMG 8483

IMG 8485

Trying ever so hard to get a nice Father’s Day picture with all three of them. To no avail. 

IMG 8487

One of the things we splurge on for the kids: private swimming lessons. We’ve found it makes the world of difference and has been entirely worth it. Kensie had her first week of swim lessons for the summer and we got to enjoy the pool’s diving board afterward. After all these years, Brennan was finally ready to attempt the diving board. The first time he cannon-balled off. Minutes later, he was ready to go for his first dive! .

Off the Diving Board from Meg @ Spicy Magnolia on Vimeo.

Am I a bad mom if I secretly hope this game will occupy them for a long time?

IMG 7950IMG 7951

My very first car, a 1992 Ford Explorer, is still ticking! 200,000 miles and counting! Bless my husband for driving ol’ Bluebonnet around with all its idiosyncrasies.

IMG 7955

This girl counted down sleeps after sleeps until it was time to go to Popsie and Meesie’s for her “summer camp”. She asked nearly every day if it was time to go, and we had no shortage of packing practices. To prove my point, here’s a video of her on June 4th.

Ready to Go to Popsie and Meesie's from Meg @ Spicy Magnolia on Vimeo.

Finally, the day arrived: June 24th! She had everything she needed: her suitcase, her doll and baby accessories, her purse and her tea party hat. 

IMG 8504

My dearest boy. I wrote a little about his surgery here. He and I had 2 days together prior to surgery to play (including making a run to the toy store to get a few things for our upcoming drive to CO) while KJ was in San Antonio for Popsie and Meesie Camp. Unfortunately, I spent one of those days trying to get in touch with his surgeon. A few days before his surgery, Brennan got sick again. Mind you, for the last 6 weeks, this boy has sounded awful and not one of bit of congestion, coughing and gunk had gone away. With this new virus, he immediately lost his hearing again which confirmed one thing: he needed to have tubes put in his ears as well. Finally, after much haggling, many calls, and my frustration ramping up with each call, I was able to touch base with the doctor to let her know of his illness and hearing loss. She may be an awesome surgeon, but really!?

Because of the tubes, Matt and I were somewhat melancholy as to how this would affect his ability to swim (however temporary). Brennan and I spent the afternoon before surgery swimming together, and then Matt joined us after work to swim and eat Chuy’s by the pool. It was dreamy. 

On June 26th, Matt and I experienced walking through surgery with one of our children for the first time. Even though Brennan was having three different things done to him (ears, nose and throat), it was a very minor procedure. And we were so blessed that it all went well. I’ve had friends walk through much more difficult surgeries with their children and also had complications. I simply can’t imagine. It’s so emotional. We are incredibly grateful it went well. We noticed a difference with his congestion immediately! 

Brennan was so brave. He cried a lot and it took some time to comfort him after he woke up; he kept asking to go home. I will jump at any opportunity to hold my boy. If I’m not mistaken, I think Matt and I even fought over who would hold him while in the hospital. Momma won <grin>.

Not long after he woke up, we got to load our boy up and take him home to love on him.

IMG 8509

A day of watching Wild Kratts and eating chocolate pudding and popsicles Popsie gave him was “the best day ever," he said.

IMG 8514

We paced ourselves the two days after surgery as he wasn’t supposed to run around. I thoroughly enjoyed the extra snuggles.

IMG 8515

One of our most favorite things we did was this puzzle.

Matt and I really didn’t know what to expect with Brennan’s tubes and his swimming. You better believe we celebrated and praised the Lord that 5 days after surgery, Brennan got the clear to swim! We have some special ear plugs he wears for the bath, and then we use antibiotic drops after he swims so he doesn’t have to use the plugs. We quickly discovered it made it hard for him to hear his coach’s instructions. We are still awaiting the day when the tubes come out because he notices an increase in pain when he swims deep. It’s inhibited him from diving off the board and for rings; he’s eager to do those again.

IMG 8518

Meanwhile, little Miss was having a fabulous time at Popsie and Meesie’s! Here she is off to a tea-party date with Meesie, fingers painted and all.

IMG 8517

IMG 9254

One-on-one time with Popsie and Meesie is the bestest!

IMG 9255

After five blissful days for her, Kensie-girl now needed to come home with us. That did not make her very happy. We met my parents half-way at Cabella’s, our new meeting spot. They had a huge pool out front for kids to fish. We need more practice.

IMG 8524

This is our dear Miss “Kiki”, Kensie Jane’s speech therapist. We adore her and are grateful for the huge amount of progress Kensie has made with her help.

IMG 8541

July, August, September…I’m nearly there!


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