November 2014

Christmas Festivities

Can y’all tell I’m tired of being behind on this blog and I just wanna get it done? My titles have not one ounce of creativity. My writing has not one iota of spark. And I’m slacking on editing. Let’s just do this thing so I can have a fresh start, shall we?

This was (most of) my team, my dear team. As the year was drawing to a close, our work was not. December tends to be jam-packed for Vestry, and even more so this past year with property decisions. Even back in October, I sat in Cliff’s office in tears as my heart prepared for the reality of my term ending in January. So in December, my nostalgia and sentimentality was all the more heightened. On this particular Sunday, we had an “emergency” Vestry meeting to decide about a house that was for sale on the same half-block as the church property we had an offer on. I won’t go into the nuances of this decision, except to say that 1) this was a house that we had our eyes on since the beginning but it had a contract on it…and then overnight, the contract fell through!; 2) the timing of the acceptance of this deal was significantly important and it went just the way we prayed for and needed it to go; and 3) each of my teammates (we’re missing Jen and Cliff in this picture) are incredibly bright, discerning, and have a most special place in my heart. We needed some specific skills and expertise in this meeting, and these people surrounding me offered just that. 

 Untitled 22 2

Matt spent a day at Brennan’s school as a “Dad on Duty”. He changed ballasts; had lunch with Brennan; read to his class; helped with pickup; and did all sorts of maintenance tasks.

IMG 0482

The last of the leaves...

IMG 0485

IMG 0486

IMG 0567

Our St. Nicholas Day celebration: We chose the Allies Market this year to serve at helping as greeters and wrapping presents for the shoppers. And we chose Persian fare at Alborz for our international cuisine. 

Matt was pretty impressed with himself that he photobombed the picture he was taking.

IMG 0658

On a hunt for our Christmas tree...

IMG 0695

our miniature Christmas tree <grin>. One of the things that helps the decorating not feel so daunting is by getting a small tree. It’s less of a battle with the lights. 

IMG 9592

A headless ornament thanks to the puppy! More ornaments were lost to the dog than both of the kids combined.

IMG 9616

Yep, another one bites the dust. 

Gatsby should be censored.

IMG 9603

One of the things we love about Brennan’s school is the extended holiday and summer breaks. He was out of school for Christmas break on December 12th and had a whole month off. Now of course, there is a slight down side to it also: it can feel too long at times, especially on days when we all need a break from each other, or when I need to still get some Christmas shopping done. But the value of this extra family time is immeasurable to us. 

The day after Brennan started Christmas break, his kindergarten class went caroling at a nursing home. 

IMG 0706

They were eager to help make treats to take to our neighbors. Is it any wonder when they’re working with Hershey kisses?

IMG 9630

Kensie still had a couple of days of school while Brennan was already footloose and fancy free. So he was my shopping buddy extrodinaire. By tradition, we each get a new set of PJs to wear on Christmas Eve, thanks to my Momma who started this years ago for our family. As I got older, I started picking out a new nightgown for her to wear. So when I asked Brennan which one he wanted to get Meesie, this is what he choose. Of course he’d pick out something that reminded him of his love for cheetahs!

Just so you know, my Momma did not end up with this <grin>. 

IMG 9638

School’s out! That means snuggles and some movies. Actually, 9 out of 10 times, they will choose to watch “Wild Kratts” over a movie. And then I have jaguars and spider monkeys roaming about.

IMG 9640

Popsie and Meesie drove up for Kensie’s Christmas program at school. We grabbed a bite to eat with them beforehand.

IMG 9643

There’s our precious girl, who practiced and practiced in the car singing to the CD Miss Marie kindly gave us to rehearse and practice the words. For three years, she got to watch Brennan up on that stage, and now it was her turn. She did fabulously and felt very special.

IMG 1046

IMG 1062

IMG 9646

This is our dear Charlotte with whom we spent the day with before she left for El Paso. We decorated the gingerbread house together (seen in the background) and took her to Chick-fil-A for lunch. It’s a lunch I fondly remember getting to share with these three, and also my friend, Sarah, who happened to be at that CFA and praying for someone she knew to walk in that door to help her in a moment she needed some extra hands and some love. I think I left more blessed and encouraged after that lunch though.

IMG 9652

Our little guy made me an anniversary card. Twelve years with a man I did not have even an inkling as to how wonderful he truly was when I walked down that aisle to take his hand in marriage. The gift of that man astounds me.

IMG 9655

For Christmas we did something Matt and I conjured up in our minds years ago, and it finally came to fruition. We invited both sets of our parents to join us for Christmas this year. All four of them came and joined us for a most memorable Christmas! We were so grateful to Matt’s parents, who sacrificed their time and traditions long held to do something different and venture to Texas to be with us. 

The kids made stockings for all of them.

IMG 9669

Everyone arrived the evening of the 23rd to start the festivities. Ruth made gingerbread cookies decorated customarily for each of us. They were so cute!

IMG 1242

IMG 1223

Story time is the kids’ favorite part.

IMG 1201

On Christmas Eve, we introduced Papa and Nana to a Wheatley-now also-Scully family tradition 30 years in the making: homemade luminaries. We all got in on it!

IMG 1297

IMG 9671

Every time I get my boy a tie, he never ends up wearing it. 

IMG 1932

The children were both in the Christmas play at church. Brennan was a sheep and Kensie a little star.

IMG 1488

IMG 1597

Pictures of the luminarios never do those beauties justice.

IMG 1619

IMG 1892

IMG 1894

We had a little bite to eat after the service before some of us ate our gingerbread men and opened our Christmas Eve PJs.

IMG 1679

IMG 2051

IMG 1690

He was so excited to wake up to his first Christmas stocking!

IMG 1717

The peace before the excitement bubbled over the brim.

IMG 1921

She’s always asking to help me bake and cook dinner.

IMG 1739

IMG 1767

These t-shirts were all the rage with the kids. 

Sadly, our fireplace doesn’t work, so we opted for a fake one, which come to find out, was better than nothing as far as ambiance.

IMG 1925

So I asked my Momma to help with Christmas morning breakfast. This picture says a lot about her personality. Her love runneth over! We got an amazing, delectable feast! 

IMG 1929

You can’t tell very well, but our little girl was still in her PJs come Christmas dinner. It was a Christmas/Ed’s birthday dinner celebration. 

IMG 1909

My Momma made her festive cherries jubilee.

IMG 1822

She put on a show for her GP’s while they were also trying to watch Brennan at swim team. In her ideal world, they’d all be standing up doing the different exercises she was demonstrating. 

IMG 1843

For Christmas, Matt and I gave our parents a night out to dinner and a play just us adults. On the 26th, our last night all together before my parents went back home, Matt and I got a babysitter, took everyone to Jack Allen’s for dinner, and then went to see “A Christmas Carol” at the Zach Theatre. Usually I tire of that play, but this rendition was spectacular! It was humorous, and I particularly loved the musical scores that included some classic hits from rock n’ roll, gospel, and contemporary favorites. It was highly entertaining. So much so, I could go back this next season.

IMG 1991

I think she’s adorable.

IMG 1906

IMG 1922

IMG 1995

IMG 1996

Both Matt and I have said this was one of our most memorable and special Christmases. We’re grateful for our parents and for their deep love for our family. We recognize what a gift it is to have been able to enjoyably share Christmas together!


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