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I made it to 2015! Slowly but surely, y’all. 

A site that makes my heart swell. And a nice, quiet reprieve before a crazy month!

IMG 2063

From time to time, Matt and I greet at church and the kiddos like to join us in welcoming people. Every now and then, however, we have to still the race that develops between the two as they try to beat each other in handing out a bulletin to someone. Everything eventually becomes a race with our boy. 

IMG 2121

Getting’ ready for a big Broncos game with some pals! It was a big playoff game, possibly the last game Denver would play for the year, so we did it up right as if it was the Super Bowl.

IMG 2160

Sadly, the Broncos lost. 

IMG 2166

But it didn't phase these ones too much, except for little Tyler who was the saddest of all of us over the loss.

IMG 2165

Irresistible! I love this boy and his extreme love for chocolate. Two days before his birthday, we made his cupcakes for his birthday lunch at school. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing…oh, yeah, baby!

IMG 9728

IMG 9740

Friday, January 16th: Happy 6th birthday, my precious boy! I had an early Vestry meeting, which normally I would’ve skipped because of my boy’s special day, but it was my last official Vestry meeting that my team made meaningful for me, but you better believe I high-tailed my way straight to Chick-fil-A for his birthday breakfast. Afterward, we went to “Paddington Bear”.

IMG 9743

I keep wondering when my children will request something homemade for their birthday dinner (like I did when I was a kid! <grin>). Until then, it’s always Chuy’s, Chuy’s, Chuy’s. 

IMG 9746

The weekend of the 17th was one for the books!

Our family excitedly ventured to the east side of Austin on Saturday morning for an info meeting/tour of the new church property (pending the congregational vote the next day). I’d been there before, but this was particularly memorable getting to show Matt and the kids the place that the Vestry and Property Team had been praying about and working towards purchasing for the last 7.5 months. They were just as much significantly a part of making this happen by supporting and encouraging me. The other wonderful part about the info meeting was watching the rest of our church finally see the facilities also. 

There’s a lovely cafe down the street from the church that makes a beautiful chai latte. 

IMG 2211

I spent the rest of Saturday holed up in our bedroom working on what I was going to say the next day at church for the vote on the new Vestry members and the property. Though not quite finished, I was really glad I made it to my friend, Jen’s, birthday party! What lovely, intelligent and beautiful women I had the privilege of being with that night. Not to mention some amazing food I partook of! I skipped out a little early to wrap things up before Sunday morning.

And then it was upon us: Sunday morning. The Sunday morning Vestry had been working towards for months and my last day as an acting Vestry member. It was also the day before Matt’s birthday, so my parents came up to join us for church and a celebratory lunch. I am so glad they came and got to witness the culmination of my service and even more so our healthy, vibrant church body making a unified and celebratory decision about a church property.

I remember walking out of the bathroom at church, butterflies in my tummy and seeing my Momma walk in the door with a calming smile on her face. I fell into her embrace and lingered there, emotion already bubbling to the surface. Not to mention it was also the Sunday both my boys went up for their birthday prayers. The congregational meeting was held in between services, allowing the kids to be a part of it as well. The whole morning felt surreal to me; in fact, I don’t remember much of the actual, specific moments of speaking and the vote. But I do remember the beauty of the morning as our church family gathered together. I remember seeing the supportive faces of my family smiling and holding me up in their hearts. I remember the faithful faces I’d spot every time I’d get up to speak at church that put me at ease. The Holy Spirit carrying me through, helping me remember what to say. My team standing shoulder to shoulder up there with me as a unified wall of peace. Recounting the 7.5 month long process and God’s hand in it all along the way. The affirming, resounding “Yays”. They reverberated throughout the room. The loud praises of worship sung out to our Living, Amazing God after the votes, with my little boy coming up to the front row to sing with me. And the satisfaction, palpable relief, and surge of thanksgiving to having completed my three year term. (Deep, deep breaths).

We had a lot to celebrate and a lot to be thankful for! My parents lovingly treated us to lunch at BJ’s where these two had some birthday yumminess.

IMG 2213

Later that afternoon, we had a couple of Brennan’s buddies over to play football and eat pizza to celebrate his birthday with him. We were hoping the timing of dinner would mesh in time to watch some football on TV, and it did with the Packers and Seahawks playing in overtime. 

IMG 2226

IMG 2275

I ordered, for the first time, a cake from the Lonestar Bakery (same place that makes the Round Rock donuts). Y’all…their cakes are delicious!!!

IMG 9750

IMG 2321

It was full-steam ahead for another week. I was asked to help transition the new Senior Warden and new Vestry members until February 8th, so there were several more meetings and planning. It helped me transition as well <grin>. It’s quite the adjustment to all of a sudden stop something you’ve poured yourself into for a while. I was able to get a sneak peak into the dynamics of the new Vestry by joining them on the their retreat. This is a picture of the gentlemen. I wish so much that I had one picture of our whole Vestry together; someone has always been missing. And I love the way the Holy Spirit knits hearts and teams together, even those freshly, newly knit.

IMG 9761

This is Kensie with her little friend, Josie. Kensie adores Josie. Sometimes she’s a little smothering though.

IMG 9762

He still thinks he’s only 20 pounds! All he wants to be is held. 

IMG 9766

Daddy joined his little girl for lunch!

IMG 2368

January 2015 will be a month I hold dear for a long time. There’s still much I ponder in my heart about the last three years that came to a close in January that I could never adequately cover. And much of it is supposed to reside secretly within me regardless of my ability to write about it or share with someone. Even these seven months later writing this, I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness to carry our family through so much. And I am indebted to my family.

Oh, my precious family. I love you all so very much, and am grateful for every time you cheered me on; waved me off with smiles; offered a safe place to crash-land and breath; welcomed me home with a warm embrace; let me cry on your shoulder and calmed me through panic attacks; listened to me practice speaking with a “Good morning…” over and over again; carved out time for me to work; lent an understanding heart clothed with compassion and wisdom; let me rant when I needed to just get it out; covered the morning routine for insanely early morning meetings; prayed with me and for me; sacrificed family time; made me laugh and not take myself so seriously; loved me just as I am.

You all love well.


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