T.V. and Movie Escapes

Despite the lengthy catching up I need to do that has been hanging over me all year, I want to try and dust off the rust accumulating on these fingers and stretch the creative muscles in my brain that, as... Read more →

Who wants to travel down memory lane with me? You might ask, “How far back?” February. February?! Yep, February. Months ago. When it was still chilly outside and we were covering our bodies with sweat shirts, pants and tights. February:... Read more →

It shouldn’t feel like it’s been weeks since Brennan and I were in San Antonio with Pops and Meems. But somehow, it already feels like ages ago. A resurgence of the stomach bug that presented itself today doesn’t help matters.... Read more →

I’ll just keep the pictures comin’ until you scream, “No more!” Until then, pop yourself some popcorn and enjoy. To kick off feeling better and Father’s Day weekend, Brennan and I met our friend, Stacie, and her three girls at... Read more →